Hiatus While Moving

You likely have noticed… we’ve missed a few weeks. We ARE sorry, and the kittens are disgusted with me… but…

We are moving. Out of a shared accommodation house into a small appartment.

Sorting, decluttering, loads to the dump, loads to donation places and….

Once we are moved – you’ll see us back.

Princess is supervising the box packing for now.

Princess is Horrified

She can’t believe I would have made the faux pas of forgetting to post last week! She feels aghast at my priorities (which should, of course, always be looking after kitties, responding to kitty requests, and worshiping kitties). My posts are a mere indicator of kitty worship. Tsk hiss!

As I do not wish to cause her further distress I have promised to be less remiss in the future. I think I may have heard a “harrumph” when I said that…

Alert Eyes

Princess and I have lived together through multiple moves and multiple roommates. We’ve adapted, and we’ve kept one another company all throughout.

Despite those years she still rises in the morning looking her model purrfect best, whiskers arranged and eyes brightly alert.

Does she recognize the signs of packing and anticipate with glee… or dread?

Is that a suitcase? Or is there more packing underway?

A Cold Snap

In Calgary the weather can be warm (plus 20s C) and then drop to below freezing in hours. Such is spring.

Debon determined that if I had brought the knitted throw back out, he should grace it and me with his warmth.

Debon does not appreciate my moving about to take a photo!

But he definitely objects to me moving about and taking a flash photo when he is all cozy, relaxed and previously purring.

We are NOT amused!

Debon does NOT think it is funny that I put the play ball on his back.

We were playing and having fun… and then I got a clever idea. At least I thought it was clever. Put the crinkle ball on his back.

He did NOT think this was a good idea.

Play stopped.

I had to get him treats to talk to me again.

Happy Mothers’ Day – Cougar Memories

In the 1930s my mother’s family was getting by hunting, trapping, logging, farming etc. on the beautiful (but rugged) British Columbia coast. My grandfather had gone hunting in the winter of 1934 and shot a cougar (a $20.00 bounty on cougars made it a good animal to hunt) and while skinning it realized it was nursing. To make a long story short – he backtracked, found the den with kittens so young their eyes weren’t open yet. Two of those kittens, despite hardships, grew up as the family pets who adored my mom and her two sisters.

This photo is my mother, Marion, with Leo. Leo loved my mother and there were many stories of how loudly he purred and how much he rubbed up against the three girls.

I’ve been so happy to run into the videos of a couple in Russia who are looking after a rescue “kitten” – as I watch that cougar/puma/mountain lion love on his family I can finally see what my mother would have experienced. I strongly encourage you to check out the videos of “I am Puma” (but caution – you could get addicted <G>)

Marion and Leo (he is watching the piglets down the hillside – he would really like to go get a taste, but he always wanted to listen to his girls) 1930s

“SNOWball play?” – nope

I brought Debon a FUN toy to play with and he woke up and looked at me with great excitement…

Then, when I tossed it to him, his examination of my proposed play was not enthusiastic.

Debon does not approve I my proposed ball to play with.

Try as I might he believes that snow in May is NOT a fun idea. I couldn’t interest Princess either.


I find it fascinating how quickly my cats can go from completely relaxed and snoring to fully alert and upright.

And though sometimes that means that they wake and start to run and then catch themselves that it was nothing and then lay back down…

Other times I am sure they realize it is nothing, but then decide to “play” with the idea of the scary thing.

Debon pulled one on me the other day. He suddenly noticed something over my shoulder. Then he started getting more and more wide-eyed…

Then his back started to twitch.

Then he gathered himself into a spring.

And dashed out of the room.


should I look behind me or not?

Climbing The Walls

We are back in lock-down for Covid again… and that means many are climbing the walls. In this case, however, the purple creatures are climbing down towards the kitties.

The kitties (Princess on the left, Debon on the right) are intrigued but do find that the sticky substance is odd on their paws and the stench of the creatures is overwhelming. BUT, it is too fascinating to resist so they can only watch for a bit before they must ENGAGE!

Princess and Debon are paying close attention to the little “Wall Tumbler” toys.

Still Jogging Along

Princess is definitely showing her age… but not when it comes to her daily jogging. Both in the big wheel upstairs (with all her feet inside the wheel) or in the little wheel in the basement where she adapts and just runs with her front paws.

She gets the wheel humming with speed. Always impressive.