My kitties have favourite places to snooze. Those places change over time – but they change when THE KITTY chooses, not when someone else does!

Shadow’s favourite spot has been commandeered by Debon. Debon is pretending to be totally oblivious to Shadow’s distress. Shadow thinks I should intervene and tell Debon to move on…


I think I’ll just stay out of this one.


Remembrance For the Animals as Well

Animals have served, and do serve.  And they provide support to those who suffer.  My favourite surrealist artist makes sure his calendar reflects this throughout the month of November.  Richard Saunders – on Facebook and on his own site here.


What Happened to October?

Well in a blink of an eye – it was November, that’s what happened.  But in that month a lot happened with the kitty pride here.  My little fellow Shadow made it to the vet (an incredibly traumatizing ordeal that is best left “unreported”).  I do not know what happened in his former life, but being put in a carrier and taken to the vet sends him into terror beyond words.  BUT it was necessary.  We needed to do a plethora (lots) of tests to try and figure out how to make living in his own skin something he could do comfortably.

Shadow has had skin issues since the day I got him and they come in waves.  We’ve tried numerous foods (expensive and not) to isolate what he may be reacting to with no real results.  Now we are going daily medication in his food…

The problem with medication in food in a pride that is not above “snacking” out of some else’s dish… is a problem that needed to be solved.

My dear internet friend (and blogger extraordinaire) Three Chatty Cats (YOU MUST FOLLOW HER) did a review of a chip activated feeding system.  So October was a series of steps in following her lead.

Get all three cats chipped.  Purchase the system.  And then train all kitties to the system.  And then… SUCCESS – Shadow gets his meds regularly!


PS – Three Chatty Cats has a discount code for the feeders till the end of this year… check it out (I was able to get the back part of the feeder that stops kitties from sneaking around the system for free as a result)

Turkey Coma

This is the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada.  The actual *day* to consume Turkey started as the Holiday Monday… but many people, over the years, have switched the celebratory day earlier to provide recovery time.

My family of friends chose Saturday to celebrate and so I was treated to friends, family, food in abundance.  That left Sunday to recover – till this morning I realized that my normal Saturday posting day was far behind me.

Now the kitties think Thanksgiving is good as there are always a few scraps of shredded turkey that they get.  And then they too become comatose.  These  two have almost recovered (which is actually more than I can say for me…



An Unjust World…

My two young (relative to Princess) male kitties are quite ticked.  For a brief time they could come out onto the balcony (when there was a catio in the making) – but now, due to city bylaws they can not.  They think it is TOTALLY unreasonable that Princess is allowed out.


But you see – Princess can be trusted to behave and not jump on the slippery railing or try to jump down to the pavement below.  They can’t.


I’m sorry boys, the world is not always fair.

I don’t *think* Princess was gloating as she watched the boys pressed up against the screen…

Therapeutic Pad Please

I recently had my knee “act up” on me and part of the re-hab is applying heat after doing the incredibly boring exercises for it.  When I got up to hobble away I left it on for a few moments… And Princess moved in and settled.


Now I want it CLEARLY understood that she has her own heating pad… but apparently this one is WAY better.  When I asked her to move off it she actually hunkered down.

So I came back later, after she’d got up for a snack, and turned it off and hid it away.

But guess what?

When I pull it out for my knees I get an audience and they all three think I should leave it out for them.  Not likely! (I’m such a bad kitty mom)

Errands Can Be Fun

In an attempt to make my life easier (note the foreshadowing in the word attempt) I went to the local cat café to pick up some “Cat Wine”.  I’d seen them advertise a shipment that had come in.  They were carrying both red and white.  PURRfect!


Loved the names Purrgundy and Meowsling…

My hope (note again the foreshadowing) was that I could use this to get Shadow to take his medicine and it would be easier than the tuna juice I was using (that he is now refusing to take)…

Well while I was there I decided to FORCE myself to support the Cat Café a little bit more by having a tea… and oh yes one of their ginger cookies (with icing)… and sit and look into the cat area.


The chai masala (spice tea latte) was wonderful as always, and the ginger cookie divine.  The flowers were a lovely addition.

I managed to relax and ignore the pounding rain outside, and the deadlines and just enjoy the kitties.  I also managed to resist going in (this time) so my enjoyment was in watching only.  By not going in I couldn’t easily see the adoption board to put names to the kitties – like this gorgeous one that was in the basket right near me.  When I got home I did check the adoption board online… to discover that without getting kitty to move s/he was indistinguishable from three others with very similar markings


I couldn’t find the exact number of adoptions Regal Cat Café has managed – in January of this year it was more than 330… they are a great place and I do love supporting them.

So… after my tea and cookie … after I got home… the results?

SNIFF – ick… stalked away.  Even dropped a favourite treat in one dish… tried to pick it out… pawed it out then walked away from the treat.

none of my kitties will lap up either the white or the red.  Lovely salmon oil with a hint of catnip.  NOPE.  Not a drop.  Suddenly I have tea toatalers.


Cat Aesthetics

My little Shadow is my new interior design consultant…

I think that doors on cupboards should be closed.  He thinks they should be open.

I think that the bi-fold doors on the closets in my bedroom should be closed.  He knows they are better open.  (better to walk into in the middle of the night for sure!)

I think that the kitty food bottles should be lined up on the counter or bureau… as soon as he sees them lined up he starts to work on a better alignment.


Once he has got that started he can not stop till he achieves the ultimate goal…


Which is always followed by one of two looks (or combination) – total satisfaction or  a innocent “?who me?”


Or maybe, just maybe, that look is “and whatcha gonna do about it anyway?”




Evening TV (Bird Channel)

Though it is starting to get dark earlier in the evening… it is still light late enough that the automatic pond lights come on while it is still light outside.  And at that time the evening activity at the bird feeder keeps Debon entertained.


He’s one happy kitty watching them.  The only thing that would be more PURRfect…

Being able to get outside at them!  (He knows they’d be an evening snack and easy prey to the mighty hunter that he is, and I suspect he is right.)

PS:  The kitty perch (aka step stool) was placed there by me one day so I could get up easily and water the one hanging plant – I had just briefly gone to fill the watering can… and when I returned I realized I wasn’t going to be allowed to move that kitty perch ever again.