Wrong Focus

Debon absolutely can NOT understand why I am not giving him the attention. He sees nothing fascinating or beautiful in the sculpture particularly when the REAL THING is right there!

He is right. He IS the more beautiful. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the artistry of the potter that captured the essence of kitty in this work.

Don’t worry Debon, as soon as this picture is taken I shall come adore you!

Is it worth it?

Princess actually is VERY aware of me, just not sure if stretching or leaping up is worth it. Sometimes when I come into the room I will stop and play and pet and cuddle – sometimes I don’t. She is waiting for the clues to tell her if I am just going to snap a photo and leave (uncultured beast that I am!) or if I will, this time, stop and appropriately worship.

Debon, sleeping behind her, has less patience (or more need)… he will probably be the first to stir.

Don’t worry – they both got lots of cuddles.

Happy to Share

Though there are definite times when Debon and Princess disagree when things are settled, they really do love one another’s company.

Debon is in his happy place right now. Sharing the heating pad with Princess and listening carefully to my activity determining if he needs to crack open his eyes and purr to be petted.

Debon is cuddled up against Princess (who is appalled that I would post this photo of her backside!)

The Boss

Just to be clear – Debon may be younger, lither, bigger, stronger… but he ain’t the boss.

Princess keeps control of the toy.

Until Princess “allows” him to – that toy is hers… even if she isn’t really keen on playing anymore. Debon will just have to wait. Patiently. Or, at least wait. LOL

It is so difficult to wait, so he turns his head to pretend he isn’t itching to get his paws on it. But he remains acutely aware of her say so.

Oh STOP, You’re killing me LOL

I was telling Debon about my plan to book myself “lighter” (underbook) and estimate the work I was doing more like Scotty from the original Star Trek (over estimate the amount of time and then be a miracle worker by delivering early).

You might get the idea he thought I was kidding.

Debon is SURE that was a joke.

I’m rather offended. Even when I told him I was serious he just kept laughing.

Polite Request

I had gone out for a morning walk and when I returned, dripping outdoor interesting smells I’m sure, I wanted to get right to work. Sat down at the computer and moments later what should appear at my side…

Debon being his MOST polite hoping for a hug/cuddle.

A very well behaved and attentive boy who desperately wanted to snuggle. He waits patiently for me to notice him (and to take the photo) and then makes a small verbal request. If that doesn’t work he lifts his right paw (sans claw) and reaches towards me.

It works. I give him the “hug” signal and then we are cuddling.

Life is good.

GO Away…

Princess comes to visit after a nap and makes a fatal mistake… she talks to me. Debon, still sleeping in the other room hears and dashes out to be included.

Both kitties are pretending to be unaware of one another… but that is a lie.

Bottom line: neither wants to share.

Attempted Nonchalance

Debon LOVES to play. He careens about nearly running into walls, bouncing sideways, and making sure he makes noise. But he can only do that for so long. Then, though he pretends to not care, he gets tired.

Debon keeps the toy under his paw while contemplating alertness or sleep.

He flops on the bed and plays for a bit, then pins the toy. He is alert, but not for long.

Holiday leftovers

This past holiday season I found out that Debon and I share a passion for the mandarin oranges of Christmas time. For me it is the burst of scent when I peel them and the sweet tang when they touch my tongue. For Debon they seem to call to him when they are sitting on the desk.

Debon considers which Mandarin Orange needs to be tackled first, while Princess ignores the whole issue.

These are the last four of the season and they MUST be whapped into submission.

Debon disciplines the first orange (which ends up on the floor)

He knocks it to the floor and chases it off to a corner (I have to keep track so it won’t get forgotten there).

Debon returns to knock another orange into submission.

Within a few moments he leaps back up onto the desk to toss another, then another to the ground. Eventually they are all on the floor and then he comes back up to demand a cuddle as he is bored.

After our cuddle I pick up the oranges and consume a couple. The last of the holiday treats.

The morning after…

LOTS of new smells, lots of excitement, people behaving oddly… and paper to romp in (paper is usually off limits)… and new boxes…

After an unusual amount of play what can you expect as a response to wake-up call on December 26th?

Princess cracks open her far eye in the hopes I won’t notice

“Just another five… hours mom” I can hear her clearly saying LOL. Sleep well little one, recovery is necessary.