Fanciful Cat Art

I’m in Bermuda right now missing my kitties and our cuddles and their antics.  And then, happily, I remember that I can always watch my Princess as she stars in my brother’s ABC’s “letter C”

The whole letter alphabet project is a work of art and so, I find, is the little town of St. George’s (where I stay while in Bermuda working).  On my evening walks I enjoy the artistry of the little town and meet lots of kitties, real and unreal.

This is Casey (fell in love with her many months ago – there is a post all of her a while back).  She is picture purrfect even in the rain:


And there are these fanciful blown glass kitties I admire in the shop window on my walks:


For a reasonable price you can own one of these and though they may need dusting they don’t need feeding – so very inexpensive upkeep (they always bring a smile to my heart).

Then there are the siblings – two aging black beauties that ALWAYS come out for a visit stretching their arthritic joints rain or shine morning or evening. This is the brother (whose name I have embarrassingly forgotten):


I’ll have to make amends and be a better guest next trip and learn and remember his name (he will likely forgive me, especially if I bring a peace offering).

Walking down Water Street just past the little community garden there is a print in a shop window that makes me smile and wish I had space on my walls at home (de-cluttering is a topic for another blog post, though I recall discussing it when I bought a little Terra Cotta Kitty in England…) so THIS TIME I just have to enjoy the artistry on my walks:


With a little research on that image I discover the art of Patrice Murciano and find that I can barely afford one of his posters (but fall in love with the lion too – check it out at your peril: )

But the artistry that never fails to win me over is the friendliness of Curry.  The elderly (over 20) year old orange kitty that has a steam engine purr motor and knows how to love.  He puts his whole heart, soul, and every muscle into greetings.  He always makes me feel like I belong.  I’ll have to post a video of him one day soon.  PURR!!!!


Thank you for making me less homesick Curry!  A true artist.

(and yes, my t-shirt has an abstract cat on it)







Wonderful Cat Art

I once had a Russian Blue (Krasevia Karteena – beautiful picture) who loved to play fetch with little balls of paper… and who looked so much like the gorgeous digital artwork in this slideshow.  And it is not surprising that these remind me of her – the artist (Richard Saunders) that created them had a beautiful Russian Blue kitty as well.  I hope you enjoy his artwork like I do…


And if you google more about him you will see more of his artwork – but in this next video he describes the Topiary Cat and you can hear the love he had for his beloved kitty.

It all makes me smile:

Thinking of my kitties right now (I’m away from home and missing them) and since this post seems to be about videos… it makes me think of how much they would love the birds in this video!!!  (I was lucky to be around while much of this video was shot!  🙂 )

Preparing for the NEXT Vet Visit

Veterinary, Visit the doctor, Very frightening… but it shouldn’t be.  “V” is for so many Valuable things!  For little ones V” in learning the alphabet is for all you find at this link and more.  (

BUT, for my little one (Shadow) V is Volatile and a Violation!  I needed to take my two new kitties in to meet our vet and establish a base line.  As their last trip in a kennel took them away from their first home into a vehicle and brought them to me I wanted to be sure that the kennel became a good place again.  I cleverly have been giving them their morning breakfast in the kennel.  Sometimes closing the door on them, sometimes just petting them…


(Shadow is in the back kennel, Debon in the front)

It was working well – I started feeling smug and self satisfied…  THEN I violated that trust and closed the door and took them to the vet.  Poor little Shadow HATES the kennel and pounded against it vocalizing his displeasure whole heartedly (wrenching pitiful crying).  But it is a good thing he went to the doctor as she diagnosed the sores on his upper lip as something commonly called “rodent ulcers” (nothing to do with rodents) or more correctly called “eosinophilic granuloma complex“.  Rather than getting his regular vaccinations those were postponed while we put him on treatment (a series of shots) to clear up the beastly sores. (nasty photo of the condition on his upper lips)


My wonderful vet (been coming to her for decades) is sure that we will be successful in clearing it – but Shadow needs to come in again in two weeks to check on progress and to get another shot.  Hmmm… I won’t be there.  That means I have to ask a faVour from a dear friend.  He will have to lure Shadow into the kennel for the next trip to the vet… I am going to owe my friend BIG TIME.

It is good to have friends, both two and four footed.

The attempts to get both of the new kitties (and Shadow in particular) comfy with the kennels will continue…

Constant Companions

Little Shadow follows Debon everywhere – almost like a mirror image.  This photo is almost a mirror to one posted last week on the other side of the house looking out the patio door.  In the past few weeks I can also see Shadow growing every day – he won’t be “little” much longer and really will Mirror Devon in size too.  M – therefore today – is for Mirror (and for little readers it is for other things at the link here.)

In this photo I can almost hear Shadow saying “whatcha lookin at big brother?  Huh? Huh? Huh?”


Come “breakfast snack time” Shadow’s favorite thing is to eat right beside Debon; actually he loves to eat off the same plate – but Debon reminds him that he has his own.


From this angle you can see that Shadow is seriously growing – may end up bigger than Debon!

And speaking of growing… this is a comparison of Shadow trying to mirror Princess (notice she is still not fond of him… but she is tolerating him as he steals from HER food dish).  He is definitely going to be bigger than her within a few more weeks.  He keeps trying to make friends with lots of chirps and purrs and he rubs up against her as she grumbles.


Come on Princess – you know you will eventually love him 😉


The World Outside…

There are birds making noise and visible right outside the window.  BIG birds, little birds, LOTS of birds… If only a kitty could just get at them!


Debon intently watches every feather’s flicker and comments back to me at times with an inquiring gaze and a little chirp.

(the story of Debon getting closer to the birds by sneaking out the door when the police came asking questions is for another day 😉 )

There are birds at the other side of the house too – on the patio at the feeder.  That is often where I will find both Debon and Shadow watching intently in the morning.  (It is a poor quality for two reasons – low light – and telephoto.  If I get any closer they both stop paying attention to the birds and pay attention to me – you can see that Debon is already very aware of me and thinking of turning to check up on what I’m up to.)


But one thing that Debon loves above all else – when the outside comes inside and warms him up.  Especially after a good play.

H is for many things (link right here) and H is for Happy Kitty!


“R” is for Rest… (for the adults)

I’ve spent a lot of time behind closed doors with the adult kitties in the house.  It is the only time they can get attention for themselves as otherwise the CONSTANT “Shadow” is nosing in to be included.  They need a break for play, cuddles and sleep on their own.

Here is Princess getting in a good purr at my computer desk,


HONEST – she is purring (she’s never looked happy when she purrs, always has a bit of a grumpy sidewise glare – it isn’t her fault <G>).  Shortly after she left and went to “her room” and totally zonked out – it is a poor shot as I knew if I got much closer she’d likely wake up (and right now with the little one about she NEEDS her beauty rest).  [Shadow was locked out of the basement for a while.]


Then Debon(air) flakes out after some play and cuddle – just a few minutes break…


He’s totally relaxed and purring – and knows that the Shadow will not pounce (I’ve closed the kitty door so the two of us can have a few moments together).

After I’ve played, cuddled and left the adults to rest I go find Shadow.  We play and play and play and play…I can play this little kitty to the panting point and yet seconds later he is packing off a toy to one of his many hoarding points… Never tires – just tires others!  🙂


“R” is for rest… and many other things – for those who have little human ones (Shadow isn’t into reading)… check out the secret window letter R

Possessed Possession

Both of the “new kitties” in my home are packrats.  Once they capture the fly/toy/whatever they get this glint in their eye… and then depart for their lair.


I might, just might, find it later in the open… but only if it has been gutted completely.

What have I done?  My wallet will feel the pinch of supplying more and more offerings to these ….

Playful creatures.  For more playful creatures try ABC Easy Read Nature Stories about Otters! Great for young ones learning to read.


Shadow and the Adults

The name “Shadow” has turned out to be purrfect for the little kitten in our household.  He follows the adults EVERYWHERE and has to try EVERYTHING that they do.

When they are playing with a toy – he has to.  When they are running down the hallway – he has to.  When they find something – he has to get in there… and not gently either.  Shadow still doesn’t take enough care with his pounces or his claws – and the adults get tired of it.

One morning as Debon carefully dips down into the pond to get a drink – Shadow leapt on him (didn’t get the photo of that – but you can imagine from this photo)


To give Debon a break I placed Princess and Shadow in a room together… you can tell from this grainy (low light) photo the body language that says that Princess is already tired of him.


Not to mention the fact that that is HER wheel and he is using it regularly!

There are still some grumbles in the household… still some hisses and spits… but someday soon there shall be peace.

(I am an optimist 🙂 )   –  “O” is for many things other than optimist… the link will take you to the secret window – a search for those little one’s learning to read.

The patience of a mother…

My home is usually the second best place in the world to rest, relax, recuperate… it is generally organized, filled with greenery and with warm furry companions.

Right now it is filled with a ball of energy! My room-mates (two legged and four) and I are worn right down by it.

It is a good thing that little creatures are so cute.  It is a good thing that most parents find that cuteness over-riding the desire to … well… contemplate peace.

All this reminds me that I am thankful my mother had patience with me (most of the time).  And I’m glad she taught me that patience with animals (particularly about her cougars).  That could be all that is saving this energy blurrrrrrrrr that goes by the name of Shadow.

Here he is looking totally angelic in the 0.25ths of a second that he is still… before he is OFF again and running and tearing things apart.   “Isn’t he adorable?” says the latent mom gene!AepCatShadowMomentaryPaws201805

To see him in motion go here.



Crazy Cat Lady? Definition…

Question:  How many cats does a person need before they are classified as a “Crazy Cat Lady”?

Answer 1:  More cats than people in the house?

Answer 2:  More than two?

Answer 3:  Princess thinks I am about to overstretch the number!  But Princess can have her opinion… the real answer to this question, of course, is a Google search.  Which brings a variety of answers.  Some sites say that three cats takes a person into that category.  I disagree and think that is absurdly arbitrary (for one thing living on an acreage or farm three would be too few for sure).  I think that the answer is more behavior based than number based so I REALLY liked the questions on this site.  Their test leaves me at a “Level 1 – Crazy Cat Lady In Training”.

FINAL ANSWER – what I am doing does NOT constitute me being a crazy cat lady.  So THERE Princess!

And, really, I am doing this FOR Princess.  I do not want my little girl lonely.

So – bottom line – what is all this leading up to?  The arrival of two new kitties into my home and into our lives.  Meet Shadow (he’s a youngster – only 5 months old) and Debonair (he’s a retired stud and seven years old).  They aren’t looking their very best – travel is tough.  Give them a few days 🙂