New Bedding

Laundry day is ALWAYS exciting… but this time something new (and stunningly beautiful) was on the horizon (or at least on the bed). And no, despite what the kitties think, it isn’t them I’m talking about.

My dear friend of decades has been designing a quilt for me as a gift. I cleaned off my bed (with much kitty participation), washed all the covers and sheets, then replaced them (with even more kitty participation)… and then – put on the new quilt.

Was UNable to get a photo without a cat on it – it needed kitty enhancement I guess.

Debon graces “Gossamer Dreams” by Helen Smith

Later that night – you can see both kitties approved of the new quilt as we watched some bedtime TV together.

Snuggled into bed for a night filled with Gossamer Dreams

Not sure the frog in the tree is doing well though… looks like he’s slipping LOL.

Snow Leopard

People sometimes tell me that you miss things when you are taking photos. I agree that is possible. But you can see things when you take photos that you don’t notice otherwise.

Take the beauty of the female Snow Leopard’s eyes as she gazes right at me one early morning at the Calgary zoo for example.

Leika (Female Snow Leopard, Calgary Zoo)

Thinking of the eyes…the beautiful male was grooming his luxuriant tail. I only noticed in the photos that when his tongue is out his eyes show the red around them. Fascinating.

Pemba (Male Snow Leopard, Calgary Zoo)

The Tiger Wakes

If we imagined this was the ferocious tiger snarling at being disturbed from his windowsill nap…

Debon is disturbed from slumber on his windowsill sunlit perch.

In truth – it is just the start of a huge yawn. (but shhhhh we won’t tell him we know that.)

Wild Pallas’s Cat

I love the Calgary Zoo. Late last year they became the home to two sister kitties – named Nox and Pema. Before the Covid shut-down I had stopped and looked for them and never seen them in their enclosure.

BUT, an early entry to the Eurasia habitat (where they lurk), was worth getting up before dawn… Success – I did see them both but am not sure which of them I captured with this shot.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Getting The Hang Of It

Debon does come when called but has shirked interest in doing tricks till recently. He watches Princess do tricks and cries for attention and I think that is part of what now has him wanting to be involved.

I’ve often found the first trick to learn is the behaved “sit-up”. Behaved means; on command, paws held down (not grabbing treat), sustained sit, gentle take of the food. That is actually a LOT of criteria, a lot of steps.

Debon is processing the “sit up” command – making the connection between the signal and the treat in my fingers.
Here I have told him to put his paws down, he struggles to comply while staying focused on the treat.
Debon is now just using his paws for balance and no longer trying to grab the treat, he carefully opens his mouth to let me drop the food into his jaws. We both trust one another.
Licking his chops he thinks “maybe, just maybe, I could do that again!”


Princess’s Pain

Candid “family photos” usually have stories behind the scenes. This one tells the tale of woe – the things Princess must constantly persevere through.

Debon is getting on her last whisker.

Debon may *LOOK* all sweet and innocent… but Princess could describe the prelude to this photo:

I was soundly sleeping, having allowed the Oaf to lay next to me and having tolerated the time it took him to thump about bumping me prior to settling. My trusty servant walked in to ask if I wanted a massage or a treat and the Oaf bounced up and casually stomped on me several times inserting himself between me and my loyal servant. After tromping about for several minutes he pretended to settle… I’m not sure which will be more effective in getting him in line – whapping him on the nose or leaving in a huff. I contemplate.

Selfies…. sigh…

The art of selfies is something that I have yet to master… and when you combine that with “family photos” trying to get everyone to look at the camera. Well, I have a ways to go.

Best so far is this one

Thrilled that we are both looking at the camera (me and Debon)
I think this one goes in the “blooper bin”…
Trying with the camera on the computer one morning before the lights were on. We were going for a “you watch my back, I’ll watch yours” theme…

We need to practice more! LOL

Pay Attention to THE CAT!!!

Although some countries (Japan, USA, Russia…) have a National Cat Day… the world at large celebrates felines today, August 8th !!

CANADIAN CATS RULE!! Not just today, according to google (the source for EVERYTHING 😉), it is estimated that there are approximately 7.9 million cats and 5.9 million dogs in Canada. Approximately 38% of Canadian households have a cat, while 35% have a dog.  I wonder if this preponderance of cats has anything to do with our months of indoor weather?

Of course I may be thinking of indoor weather since the HEAT of summer in Calgary is already turning chill and the leaves will soon be changing colour…

Whoops – Princess says I should get back on track – today is all about cats.

(actually what Princess said is that EVERY day is cat day so this celebration being on only one day is plain silly)

Debon and Princess sharing the heating pad on a warm summer evening.

The TRAGEDY of Guests

My kitties get all excited on laundry day… but when guests are coming to stay the guests get my bedroom which can be “de-haired” and cleansed and then the door gets closed. THE NERVE!

In solidarity my two poor waifs have to huddle together on the heating pad of the mattress ON THE FLOOR in the office. Which they will tolerate me joining them on at bedtime.

A “fresh” cardboard box for play and one of their running wheels are meager consulation.

When I woke the next morning Debon was sulking by the door to the bedroom.

All will return to normal dear kitty (just not fast enough to make him happy) LOL.