Paws to Remember

Though Princess insists I’m still on Sabbaticat… this was too important not to share.



Princess had a “little heart to heart” chat with me.


She believes (and I listened) that I’m not stopping to spend enough time with them and that work has taken over too much.  She suggests a sabbaticat from all but the essentials.  In her world DailyKitty is not essential.

My sabbatical (sabbaticat according to her terms) from “ElainesDailyKitty” will be for “a while” – at least a couple of months.  But she assures me that we will be back – so on her direction – TTFN.

A new “Cat”io!!!

The home I live in (don’t own) is aging and like all aging properties things eventually need to be fixed.  The first floor balcony railings have been getting a “bit” lose the last few years and this spring when we really looked at them – YIKE – replacement time.

What a wonderful opportunity for an upgrade!  I talked to the carpenter that did the property fence last year – and though he had never heard of a Catio he was pretty sure he could make one.

WOW yes!  Or should I say MEEEEow!  (the kitties are in love).  It isn’t all “finished off” but it is kitty proof and open for business.  The kitties are excited beyond all reason.  They can smell and see the outdoors like never before (well the new ones can – Princess would like to remind me that SHE was always trustworthy and could be out on the old balcony without fear of her jumping down.)

At first Shadow and Debon were very hesitant as they have been forbidden in the past to go out the balcony door.  But once they figured out it was FOR REAL and allowed… they’ve been out despite the chilly weather every opportunity.

Here is Shadow on his first stretching look out the mesh


And here is Debon on his first leap to the ledge (which will be a bit larger when finished – but he managed for now).


(The mesh seemed to have freaked my camera – will have to go for a manual focus next time)  By the way – he made the turn he was thinking about!!

?Welcome? Home

After over 30 hours in transit (from Karachi Pakistan through Doha and Montreal to Calgary Canada)… I am greeted by the welcoming committee.


Actually this photo is AFTER the purring and rubbing and welcoming when I first arrived, and AFTER the sniffing of the luggage and all its exotic smells, and AFTER a bit of play.

Now they all agree that I should get to bed and stop dithering about.

Little Angel

Shadow can look so innocent… but both Princess and Debon want me to know that is often false.  When either one of them finds a PURRfect spot… he’s shadowing them and horns right in.

Debon was on the heating pad in the sunbeam first…


Shadow moves in and makes room for himself.  Debon was on the chair (using the whole chair I might add)… Shadow jumps up behind…


And I guarantee that Debon was up here on the bed above the wash sink… but.. well you get the picture.  Sweet innocent Shadow…


actually here he doesn’t look quite so innocent does he?  (but I love him to bits anyway despite his devilish nature).

Copy Cat

Shadow has to check out what Debon is doing ALL the time.  Drives Debon CRAZY!  Debon finds a sunbeam – Shadow horns in.  Debon finds a new vantage point – Shadow has to view the world from there.  Debon finds a new scent in the downstairs fridge…AepCatDebonShadowDownstairsFridge1AByc201808

Shadow has to push investigation too far…


Debon is *SO* out of here!  He knows what is acceptable behaviour.


Family Portraits…

Have you ever got a good photo of the whole family or is there always someone looking the wrong way, someone blinking, someone glowering…


Sometimes you just have to accept that is what the family is.  Princess glowering under the desk, Shadow distracted as always, Debon trying to grab some shut-eye before Shadow pounces on him again…  But I celebrate everyone in the same room and some play time!

The Great Escape…

To start this “tail” off right – I will tell you that it ends (at least mostly) happily ever after.

One fine day the rambunctious little bratty kitten (Shadow) was staring out the screened window in the newly renovated third upstairs bedroom.  The magpies and other birds were playing in the backyard in an absolutely irresistible way.  Overcome with the joy of the chase Shadow launched himself from the top of the old HEAVY and solidly placed TV towards the nailed in place screen.

The above is what we assume from the evidence left.  The screen in the backyard was what alerted my room-mate when he returned from work that evening.  He came into the house and closed the window in the room and picked up the HEAVY and still working TV off the floor where it had landed on its face.  He went looking for cats.  The two adults were smart enough to ignore the now open window, they were still in the house.  An extensive search did not find Shadow.  He called my business partner and the two of them made herculean attempts to find the missing kitty.  When I returned to town the efforts increased.  In total we did the following:

Kitty litterbox outside (aroma), door to door with neighbours, hunting all hiding places in my yard and my close next door neighbours’ yards, sitting in the quiet evenings, mornings and in the night time outside calling softly, phoning all the shelters and vet clinics in the city, putting up posters on neighbourhood mailboxes, posting on all social media outlets…

And then the answer came in a form I never would have believed.  A wonderful woman offered her “live trap”.  Sceptically I went and picked it up.  Following her directions I rubbed the live trap with the dander from the vacuum cleaner, put a smelly treat of sardines in it, placed it in the rhubarb patch near the escapee window, and draped it with the blanket off the bed…

When I woke at five the next morning and went to check the sprung trap – voila!  Little kitten cowering inside mewing softly to me.  I brought the trap into the house, as we came inside he began to cry LOUDLY and the other two kitties ran to greet him.  He did a wonderful interpretation of a snake during his exit from the trap (belly tight to the ground and fast).

He was a bit dehydrated and very hungry.  An hour later found him (still glued to the side of his big buddy Debon) trying with all his might NOT to fall asleep.  He didn’t succeed.

You will notice that Debon looks a little peeved… I think though he missed Shadow once the kitten was back he remembered how peaceful it had been without the little bratlete.  It is ok Debon, you’ll get used to him again…


PS – they HAVE a nicer bed… but they chose this one – in the laundry room above the sink.  After they pushed aside some boxes and were laying on the wire I added some old towels (but I am not a slave to my kitties).


Office Stress Relief

I do lots of preparation work, editing and writing at my home office before heading out on my travels.  My Princess thinks that I need breaks on a regular basis from sitting alone at my desk.  She USED to come sit near the keyboard (or often right on my mouse) but never wanted to sit on me.  However, the new cats in the house have changed her – she now wants to sit on me!!


I’m all thrilled (even though she doesn’t look like she is <G>).

The Great Betrayal…

Shadow LOVES to play.  He loves to play fetch, he loves to chase the string, loves to jump and grab the “fishing fly” out of the air.  When he is playing he is in total enjoyment mode.

Which is why my using play to get him into the cat carrier to take him (YET AGAIN) to the vet to receive another treatment for his “rodent ulcer” was so truly cruel.  Cruel if you listened to his side of it!  Oh the plaintiff kitten cries were heart wrenching.

The drive to the vet is about five minutes and I heard him tell me all about how wrong this was and how unhappy a life he has the whole way.  When we arrived in the clinic the wonderful vet’s assistant wanted to weigh him.  He came out of the cage and into her arms and snuggled.  He buried his face in her neck and melted into her.  At least she hadn’t betrayed him!

AepCatShadowWithVetAssistant20180725He has very good taste – she is a kind and lovely lady.  I know that she fell in love with him (and despite being so scared it was mutual).

When I saw him in her arms I really got the chance to see how much he has grown, and how much MORE growing those paws indicate is yet to come.  He’s going to be a big strong boy when he is done.  There was no crying on the way home and when he got out of the carrier he was quick to kiss and make up with me to let me know THE BETRAYAL wasn’t going to be held against me long term.  He’s a good little boy!  🙂