Sentry Duty

I had no idea that my office required a security sentry… but Debon knows better.


He detected a sound that wasn’t normal and kept his eye on the situation with great focus.  A few minutes later… well it didn’t prove to be a problem (though it COULD have been) and so…


… had to rest up – next time it could be important!


NOT a lap cat… yet…

Little Shadow is still a VERY skittish kitty.  I have been working with him since his arrival to get used to being handled… it is a slow process.  It seems to be easier for him to “cope” with the proximity when he doesn’t have to come face to face with me so right now we are trying “shoulder kitty”.


He puts his paw out, then back, then out, then back, then… making up his mind…


Then, if you squeeze your eyes shut, you can pretend you aren’t really THAT close – ha ha ha!

(Actually he closes his eyes to take the treat – and he did turn and look right in my eyes before he jumped down.)

Evening Brain Work

Shadow is SO eager to learn and to play and be entertained.  When he gets a command right he wriggles with joy (still wants the treat).  Right now he is demonstrating that he has “sit up” command NAILED!  He’ll do it before the command he’s so keen – but despite the energy and keen-ness the most important thing is he remembers to keep his paws down (be impressed, it takes a lot of concentration).


Debon keeps an eye on me too – he knows that I could tell Shadow to go sit and stay in a corner and then focus on him.  But Debon doesn’t like the same treats that Shadow does so he is pretty sure I won’t call on him… but JUST IN CASE he keeps me intently watched.


We Can Wait….

When I wake up in the morning Princess comes by for her breakfast.  Her tummy requires special food that Debon doesn’t like and Shadow thinks are treats.  So she gets treated like the royalty she is… and I hand feed her in the bed.  The boys wait.

Then after feeding her I should get up and feed them… but some mornings I just don’t get moving that quick or I get distracted.


This particular morning I started listening to a podcast and then sat back onto the bed with my note paper and got engrossed.  When I looked up I realized they had joined forces and in solidarity were “waiting me out” as patiently as they could.  (I can almost hear their dewclaws drumming)…

I paused the podcast and went and fed them.

Whatcha Doin?

Debon simply can NOT figure out how the computer can hold my attention like it does.  Especially when there is someone as loving, playful and gorgeous as he is around…


He’s right… I should take a break and play, cuddle and admire THE cat!

Intruder Alert!

Spring brings many exciting things to a kitties life:  migrating birds, more insects (that even come into the house), a spring in the step (often called spring fever) and… on the flip side… INTRUDERS!


Shadow spotted *IT* first… and called to Princess…


Princess ran to determine if he was telling stories and immediately confirmed the intrusion…


Then they both stood guard with occasional vocalizations to one another until the intruder (feeling uncomfortable under the three of our gazes) jumped the fence in the back yard and left.

So what/who was the intruder?  A next door neighbour kitty who hasn’t been out during  the winter and that they haven’t seen before.  (One that I snuck out and called to and petted in the side yard where they can’t see…  yes, I’m a traitor in the pride.)

Sometimes being away is GOOD

Well sometimes changes happen because you are there and have a hand in it… and other times they happen when you step away.

While I was gone in China my friend came to visit in Calgary without me being there.  He is “sometimes” allergic to cats and so I had told him he could either stay in my bedroom (with an on suite) or in the bedroom in the basement.  If he wanted no kitties around he needed to use the one in the basement.  He chose the one in the basement which has been Princess’ domain since the “stinky new cats” arrived.  (She has always wrinkled her nose at the boys – tolerating them but NOT liking them.)

When he chose that room he evicted Princess.  The horror!

BUT… it turns out – that was the best thing ever.  I returned to a home where Princess is back to roaming the whole house not just lounging about in the basement and only occasionally visiting the upstairs.  She has returned as QUEEN to the entire household.  The boys are moving about as she expects with her very obviously in charge.

All a very good thing!  (though I’m not sure Debon is 100% behind this yet 😉 )

Note Princess is telling Debon where to sit (and Debon very aware of her directions and grudgingly accepting since he knows he could physically refuse), while the little Shadow is pretending he hears nothing (despite, by the way, paying close attention).


Chinese Cats

I have just had the privilege of working in China with a group of VERY dedicated aviation safety folks. Although I missed my kitties (and missed social media – very few social media platforms are available while in Beijing) I had ample “replacement” kitties in the arts and crafts surrounding me.


There are, of course, the ancient kitties – guarding the entrances to the old pavilions.  These Stone Lions (Shíshī) were guarding the entrance to the Zhenshan pavilion in Jingshan Park (just to the north of The Forbidden City).  The male is in the foreground, the female in the distance.  He has an embroidered ball under his paw (part of courtship), she has a cub under hers.  Both of them are brave protectors.  There is also a cub on her left thigh crying into her ear… I had to go get a closer look…


I’d never noticed little one’s on the shoulder like that before – did some research later and read that they are not always there (so maybe I’m not as un-observant as I was thinking I might be.)

The pavilion behind these guardians now houses a museum – of instruments – one of which was this cat… never figured out how to play it (couldn’t read the description and couldn’t find a translation) – but my imagination thinks that it must be a wailing yowling sound it produces (he he he).  [special update – reader below found that it was a percussion instrument – link in their comment]


I had a lovely short walk in the surrounding park on the afternoon of my business meeting day with a new good friend.  The peony gardens were a few weeks from blooming (they will be breathtaking) and the cherry trees and Magnolia trees were all just about to burst forth – spring truly on its way.  That park has a little hill on it that lets you look right down on the Forbidden City – and is marked as THE center of Beijing (so of course I stood on the marker 🙂 )

Then there are kitties for good luck – this little cutie was in one of the tailor’s shops in the Silk Market and it was good luck for the proprietor as my host decided to purchase a suit there!


Being a curious kitty myself I had to look into his lineage… 1) White: Happiness, purity and positive things to come 2) Paws up: the left paw, this is supposed to attract customers. If the right paw is raised, this invites good fortune and money. (both can also mean protection) 3) Items in paws:  this little one has so many… I just acknowledge he has his paws full for his people 4) Decorated Bib: I couldn’t find the meaning of his lovely spring blossoms – but it had to be good

Some neat information about the history of this Japanese & Chinese maneki-neko kitty here.

Then also in the same market where these friendly little denim kitties (begging to be taken home with me… but I had NO ROOM in my suitcase or my allowance for duty free).


And lastly there was this little sculpture in the Cordis Hotel (beautiful place to stay) that I saw every morning when I went down to consume the scrumptious and sumptuous breakfast buffet.


All in all – kitties to spare. But it is nice to be home to see my kitties again.

Klever Kitty

Well he THINKS he is very clever.  But he does it so frequently that the other two cats expect it.

He (Shadow by the way) waits on the TV stand for one of the other cats to walk down the hallway to the bedroom and come through the kitty door and then he pounces down on them.


When he succeeds in spooking them he struts about “I’m a big cat”… when they stop on the other side and wait, or when they trick him by pushing the door but not coming through …  then when the jump didn’t work he pretends that he wasn’t really lying in wait (he grooms).

If he wasn’t so cute he’d be irritating (or maybe if I was one of the other two cats he already is!)  he he he

Subtle Reminder (NOT)

There are two things to notice in this photo.  And his two eyed plaintive stare is not it…


Note the time on the clock on the wall behind him – just a bit before 5:00 pm (when the cat should be fed)

Note the book he is hovering over – my “Priority” planner.

Perchance do you think Debon simply KNOWS that my priorities are all askew? LOL