Having Back-up


It is wonderful to know that someone has your back.  Watching for whatever may be going on that you aren’t aware of.


A Tiger Daydreams

A guest “kitty” for today – the handsome Baikal (pronounced bay-kal), an elderly male Amur tiger that resides at the Calgary Zoo.  I was walking with a friend in the late winter afternoon sunshine when we paused to watch his regal splendor.  Born in 2001 he is now creeping up on 15 years old and has a bit of arthritis which he gets treatments for.

This day he was dozing off, then snapping to attention, then dozing off…

He spotted something outside the fence line and was alert for this photo.AepCatTigerMaleZooAByc16Jan02.jpg


Princess on the runway

When I adopted her at a year old she came with a name “Heartbreaker”.  She never answered to that name or the short form “Breaker”.  After she had been with me for a while I noticed that she was answering to the name one of my room-mates used to describe her “Princess”.  It fits her purrfectly.  She is always photo perfect and loves to pose for the camera.  Right now she pauses in front of the greenery (the large tree by the front balcony) because it highlights her eyes.
The balcony railing is her favorite perch – she walks it with great agility – it is her model’s runway.  (Before you worry – it isn’t that high off the ground so she is safe).

Kitties love the new TV (location)

Its not a “new” TV but the location is.  For years (read forever) I have avoided having a TV in my bedroom… finally I decided to move the TV in for a “trial” period.
As soon as the TV was in, I closed the door, snuggled into the bed and instantly I had company.
What do you think?  Did the kitties approve?
yeah – I guess it is staying 🙂

Careful What You Wish For

This isn’t QUITE the most charming she gets – but close.  Her eyes do get bigger sometimes, very close to the size of Puss’s (from Dreamworks’ Shrek).

What she wants is treats.  This is a new thing.  For the first eight years of her life I *tried* to bribe her with absolutely everything – she would turn up her nose and walk away with a flick of her tail.  Not interested.


Then suddenly, about six months ago, Princess can’t live without treats.

Never Hold a Grudge

My big boy Rusty can give lessons in how to greet someone politely and with love every time they return.  He misses me but never never never holds a grudge.  I can be gone for weeks or days or even more than a month and he simply says “I want to be near you”.

Most mornings, especially after I’ve been away, I am greeted with a lap snuggle at the computer.  Not great for getting work done, but great for the heart.AepCatRustyMissedYouLapAByc.jpg

The problem – he isn’t really a lap sized kitty – but he makes do as best as he can.

Loving Technology

AepRustySleepingAByc20160120.jpgThere are many things about technology that can cause me angst… but the one thing it absolutely does is keep me in touch with those I love.

When I travel I miss my kitties, but the screen saver on my phone (which I only JUST set up thanks to a long flight delay at the airport) reminds me to relax completely – mirroring my big guy Rusty.

Total trust not caring how much he drools or if his face is mussed up.