Keeping Life Interesting

When I was quite young one of my friends at school told me emphatically that cats were dumb and couldn’t be trained and that only dogs were worth having as pets.  That seemed absurd to me and so I set about learning what I could about training cats.

With no internet (gasp) the solution was the library where I eventually found and fell in love with an animal trainer Ray Berwick whose knowledge and teachings I try to follow to this day.

I don’t have photos of any earlier trained kitties than this one (1970s) – my dearest “Nipper” an outdoor neutered male that found doing tricks with me fun despite an already “enriched environment”.   In the years since all my kitties (indoor or outdoor) have been trained and I’ve found it makes for a much more interesting, challenging and as a result happier and healthy life for us all.


(Recommend Ray Berwick’s Complete Guide to Training Your Cat – still the best I’ve ever read)


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