The Calm AFTER the Disaster

Disaster is actually too strong a word.  Actually POTENTIAL disaster is more like it.

Those of you with kitties may know the “backward paw” manoeuver.  It is performed around something the kitty would like to get into, but can’t figure out how to get its paw down into the said item (usually see through).  In this case it was the water mug I was drinking from.  As a very bad kitty parent I had let the level get low.  Too low for a parched kitty to get her face down into.

Then I compounded the error by finding it amusing to watch Princess sniff at the mug and snort with frustration.  The signs were there… but did I heed them?  Risk taker that I am – no.

I saw the paw rise… but wasn’t quick enough to grab.  Notice all the electronics in the area?  Notice the file cabinet full of paper under the mug?  No damage.  All straight to the floor.

Notice that I refilled the mug to ensure safety.  (Not that I am a slave to my kitties!)




  1. Archon's Den · April 11, 2016

    I just lost a glass of water for the wife this way. Not to my gravatar partner – her big brother. I’ve only seen Bengals (or their Savannah descendants) do this.


    • elainesdailykitty · April 24, 2016

      I had a British Shorthair that did this – but otherwise you’re right, all my Bengals have.


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