Found Water

Have you noticed that “found” water is always so much better than the water that is left out in the carefully cleaned bowl in the kitchen?  Inside the house the kitties always like the glasses that are left out, the sink or tub, the indoor pond…

I maintain an outdoor water bowl – heated throughout the winter – that is frequented by birds, rabbits, squirrels, other assorted weeiee beasties, and kitties – at least the next door neighbour kitty Sophie.  I am sure they believe it isn’t any of my doing and a find all their own.  I know about the visitors only from brief glimpses or more often from the paw or claw prints in the snow.

As the winter progresses the pond needs cleaning but it is usually frozen to the ground so it waits for spring.  Today while topping it up I realized it is time for spring cleaning as the hardy rhubarb shoots are starting to poke out around it.

YEAH spring!!  More snow to come, but time to clean the pond and get things ready.


The pond is surrounded on two sides by the house and stairs, on the other sides by old juniper trees that the birds love to stage from – I find Sophie beneath them time to time (just soaking up the shade I’m sure).





  1. threechattycats · March 26, 2016

    That’s very nice of you to keep it heated through the winter! What does neighbor kitty Sophie look like? I have a Sophie – all white – full name is Sophie Zee Kitty. 🙂

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    • elainesdailykitty · March 28, 2016

      Sophie next door kitty is an orange tabby – she’s about 10 years plus old – a real smart kitty. I posted a photo of her about a week ago. I’ll post some more of her I’m sure.
      Hope that your Sophie Zee Kitty has had a great Easter weekend with some time to enjoy you being there.

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