Things Unseen

As Princess sits in the sunbeam intently staring at the ceiling you and I might see nothing there… but we would be wrong.

I am quite convinced that Princess can see the dragon and is keeping it in sight to make sure it causes no mischief.  She is focused and intent and will protect us all.


And no, there isn’t a spider or a fly up there – nada – zip – nothing – zilch for the human eye.  Furthermore that dragon moved!


The Late Nighter…

When I am avoiding things (like getting my taxes in) I sometimes decide that I will feel better if I go to my room early in the evening relax for a bit by watching something from the library (I don’t have cable) and turn in early… This way I will be refreshed and filled with energy the following day and better able to tackle the nasty task.

And then the next thing I know it is late  (one of the reasons I don’t have cable) thus negating the early to bed early to rise original concept.

The good thing though – I do have great company.  If I could just teach him to turn off the TV for me… but then it seems sometimes he likes watching too.


Rusty just likes being with me 🙂


WHY is this door closed?!

Meeko couldn’t be more clear in her communication.  This is the door to the garage.  It should be open.  How can she do a proper patrol of the perimeter when she is denied access to any portion of the premises?

Furthermore I am right here – I should be OPENING that door now – not dashing off to get the camera and take a photo.


The things a cat has to put up with!  (Kitty door into garage was added some time later.)

Who is here?

The first question about danger is long past.  The assessment progresses onto key issues.  Do they give good chin rubs?  Are they likely to have us do tricks and give us treats?  Will they play?


Bottom line – is it worth getting up or will they come to us?

Your Turn…

The game is simple.  I toss the little ball of tinfoil into the walking wheel.  Princess either reaches in and tosses it out or steps into the wheel and spins it out.  She then gets out, sits down and waits.  Repeat.


I think she wishes I would hurry up.  The photography gets in the way of the rhythm.


Every contortionist way that Rusty tries in his effort to fit on my lap while I am seated at the computer desk is an exercise in… persistence.  He has yet to find a way to make it work and every now and then he will look up at me wonderingly.  “Why haven’t *you* made it work?” he seems to ask.


He shifts and tucks himself tight, shifts again, hugs his legs against himself, slips…

And really – why would I make it worse by taking photos?  It takes my two hands and all of his effort to make do!

(But he is ever so careful, even when slipping to never use claws.)  Such a good boy.

Beating The Heat

It is the height of the afternoon heat and lying “comfortably?” in the shade is this gorgeous lioness.

AepLionessSleepingPinkTongueTZselous12OctShe’s out cold and didn’t even twitch when we drove up nearby.  The guide said that her pride was full of good huntresses – she looked happily well fed.  And VERY relaxed.

The  muddy rock must feel like a better pillow than it looks.  I love her protruding little pink tongue – my kitties sleep like that sometimes.

This was on a day safari in Tanzania a few years ago – within the Selous Game Reserve (which is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the largest preserves in the world).

Sunbeams Melt Cats

Whenever I head upstairs and towards my bedroom the cats (if awake) will charge down the hallway in a race to get into the room and up on the bed before I arrive.

But sometimes, lurking on the floor, is an insidious trap.   They screech to a halt to investigate and then – their legs buckle.  As I walk into the room I see that the carnage has begun – boneless cats will soon be melted into the carpet.



Made for Kitty

On this Throw-Back-Thursday I’ll step back in time to when I lived in Winnipeg with my Beautiful Black British Babe – the shorthair Miss Coventry (Coven for short).  Coven was a sweet kitty that discovered the most divine place to curl up was a handmade bowl from Tunisia.  It had obviously been crafted just for her as it fit so perfectly.


She had to be very careful getting in and out of the bowl stepping exactly in its center or it would tip over.  I think it was part of the allure – it required all her attention and kept her on her toes.  Once she had managed the balance to get curled up she would purr in self satisfaction till she fell asleep.