Evening on the Serengeti

Though some days the near constant travel that is my work is wearing – there are other times that the benefit is SO AWESOME that it washes all the little inconveniences away.

I have worked in Tanzania fairly regularly for about a decade.  Last year my client made sure I had a few days off – in the Serengeti.  On the eve of day two, departure scheduled for early the next morning, there was only one animal we hadn’t seen.  It was getting dark and on the way back to camp the driver/guide took a side route.  He stopped near an outcropping filled with trees and looked and looked.  It was so dark I knew I wouldn’t get a photograph no mater what it was…

Then he started smiling and said “she IS there!” but wouldn’t tell us who “she” was.  He drove around the bushes and up to the base of the rocks…  merely 15-20 yards away she lay lounging on her rock.


She (our guest leopardess) is a few years old – and sleekly well fed (a good huntress).  Bless my camera for the capability of shooting at 1600 ISO (the things you learn) the sky wasn’t that blue to my eye, more black than anything.  However, I can still clearly recall her stretching and flexing her muscles as she re-arranged herself to be comfortable.  My kitties aren’t quite that powerful no mater what they think.

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  1. Three Chatty Cats · April 12, 2016

    Wow, gorgeous!

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