Every contortionist way that Rusty tries in his effort to fit on my lap while I am seated at the computer desk is an exercise in… persistence.  He has yet to find a way to make it work and every now and then he will look up at me wonderingly.  “Why haven’t *you* made it work?” he seems to ask.


He shifts and tucks himself tight, shifts again, hugs his legs against himself, slips…

And really – why would I make it worse by taking photos?  It takes my two hands and all of his effort to make do!

(But he is ever so careful, even when slipping to never use claws.)  Such a good boy.



  1. Three Chatty Cats · April 25, 2016

    That’s so nice that he doesn’t use his claws when slipping. Please have him share that with my Sophie. She most definitely uses claws!


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