We’re Good

Rusty has a past that I don’t know and can only surmise.  I do know that of any cat I have ever had I must be VERY calm when I tell him to stop a behaviour.

There is a little packet toy filled with honeysuckle that is usually on the floor and causes much romping.  Today it ended up on the bed and caused much clawing of the quilt.  I removed the toy and then asked him to stop.  He was still under its thrall.

I moved his blanket over the spot and said “no” – you’d think I’d slapped him.  Told him he was a good kitty.


He asked if I was sure.  A short plaintiff meow.  I told him I still loved him always and forever… but when I reached for the camera this is what I got.

Camera down, lots of cuddling.

We’re good.


Cat Loaf or something else?

Rusty doesn’t *do* a true “cat loaf” – I’ve been watching with a critical eye ever since I learned the term on my favorite blog.

As I understand it a true cat loaf has the front paws tucked out of sight.  I’ve had kitties that sat that way – but not him; he’s barely got one paw tucked slightly under.  I guess he’s quite happy to sit the way that makes him feel comfy regardless of terms.


I think he’s got the right idea – relax into who you really are, not what others say you should be.  If I was going to name it I’d call it the partial or half-sphinx.  He’s certainly working on the aloof “gazing right through you” expression…

(Check out Three Chatty Cats for some fun articles and some great stories – don’t worry  they weren’t telling him how to sit/lay it was simply some terms I didn’t know how to use.)

Morning Frolic

Low light in the garage and his lightening fast reflexes make for a grainy action shot.  But his joy and mirth come through.


He dashed in, did a tuck and roll (photo), tossed the mouse skyward and then recaptured before it fell to the ground.

That blue eyed squeaky toy is so done for!

We are NOT Amused

It is Saturday.  Princess wanted to sleep in.  So did I.  I did sleep in.

However, my idea of “sleeping in” and Princess’s differ.


She is quite sure that I should not be making the bed.  She is bleary and wants to lie down again – and would if I would just STOP bustling about.

Greatest Care

Princess takes the treat from my friend’s hand delicately while still concentrating on the signal; her full attention is evident by her forward facing whiskers.


She waits till the hand is moved away before she sits down and only then tosses the treat back to be crushed and swallowed.

Don’t leave me…

Rusty had just flopped down hoping for a good belly rub when Princess jumped up onto the bed to see what was going on.  He stretched and chirped a purring hello yet she turned to walk away…


He stretched out a beseeching paw and chittered, no luck.

Then, being ever philosophical, he decided that a belly rub for sure was better than potential play.  He relaxed into the moment.

Never give up, never surrender

Rusty’s determination to “make it work” is inspirational.  He is absolutely convinced that given enough attempts he will find a way to fit on my lap while I am working at the computer.


He is trying to be a “compact cat”… but he is much longer than this and he discovered this cramped him up too much.

As far as me getting any work done while he is there… as the T-shirt says “WORK?  I don’t think so.”

Garden Day Dreams

Yesterday’s snow behind me… I can now start planning the garden.  Which these days is merely weeding and hoping I get a good crop of herbs as volunteers from the previous year.

With thoughts of previous years my mind wanders to reminiscences of chocolate mint for flavouring my water bottle – and that made me think of how much ZhaZee loved to hide in it once it was grown.


The wild Bengal Tiger hidden amongst the herbs on a lovely summer day.


Sunday Share the Warmth

It is the May long weekend in Calgary.  That means we get the proof of why all good gardeners do not plant till AFTER this weekend.

What to do on a chilly and wet Sunday morning?  Share the warmth of the heating pad of course and lie in for the day.


They’ve got this!  Let it rain, let it sleet, let it snow…