The “things” that own us

I have just returned from the task so many others before me have done, and many more after shall; cleaning out of a family member’s home when they are no longer living there (whether unable due to infirm/illness/death).  Oh my, oh my, oh my… the things that own us.

I look with new eyes upon the THINGS in corners of my home that no longer catch my eye.  Things that have become background clutter and must go.

I don’t need a gorgeous little sleeping kitty sculpture when I have two of the REAL DEAL.  It can pass from my life now to someone who will love it more.  Less dusting for me, more time to play with kitties.


Condolences and healing kitty thoughts to any and all who are dealing with cleaning up for others.

Spring cleaning ahead for me!  Looking GREAT – can’t wait!

PS – very sorry being late posting today

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