Little Lucky

My distant memory says that this is “Lucky” and that the naming of her had to do with a horseshoe pattern somewhere on her coat.  The date on the back is “summer ’66” which is further evidence of my being enamored with kitties from an early age.


Lucky had a sweet personality and would never ever hurt you;  I remember playing with her and even if she was slipping off my lap she would not use her claws.  I also recall that it was a good thing she had that horseshoe on her as only luck compensated for some of the foolish things she would do that would get her in trouble.


Awe but I don’t wanna…

Rusty is a good boy and tries to do what he is told.  But yesterday his tummy was upset and today he really SHOULD eat his veggies.

He manages to get up to them, but then turns his head away…


I can almost hear his saying “yes I can…. (shudder) no I can’t   –  YES I can…ugh no I can’t”

I think this is a canned tuna day for him.  (It is his ice cream and seems to go down easy when nothing else will.)

Good  day for the heating pad.

Shipment Inspection

Heavens no – not at all what you might be thinking!


Princess is not playing in this box that would be too predictable and trite (cats and boxes).  No no no no – she is inspecting it to make sure that nothing of the shipment was left or forgotten inside the box before it is re-purposed.

Dedication to task.

Aftermath of the Working Weekend

There is an old story about the wood cutters – one who got more done by stopping and sharpening his axe… the other who thought he was working harder but didn’t really accomplish as much.

I think that is the message being conveyed by my kitties.  I guess I shouldn’t feel noble about my working weekend as my productivity today could be hampered…

Theirs appears to be.


Here in the office in body – not so much in productivity.  But in spirit still very supportive.

This is WAY too early…

Princess would like to point out that this is a Sunday.  “WHAT!” she would like to know “are we doing up working right now!?”


Don’t worry she will get the chance (soon) to go back to bed.  Actually she’s a real trooper to try to keep me company (she tries to be a good office cat).

The Cold Shoulder (or back)

My kitties are very polite and NEVER try to wake me if I choose to sleep in.

HOWEVER, once I am awake it is unconscionable that I would start using that camera with its flash rather than get up and feed the kitties.


Rusty is suitably unimpressed and letting me know.  He has moved just out of petting range and turned his back.

It worked, I got up, fed the kitties.  I was planning to go back to bed – but that never happened.


I think my kitties live a life of luxury and pampering with few rules.  They, however, have a very different opinion.  Sometimes the two collide.

I have a home office.  When I am on a conference call or am conducting online training it would appear less than professional if a cat wandered by onscreen or if a mewing was heard in the background.  For that reason the door is closed and the kitty access door is blocked.

This is (apparently) highly unfair.

This morning while conducting a training session with a client in England I was keenly aware of the snuffling and light scratching going on outside the door for the hour long session.


Then about ten minutes before the end … there was a snap and pop and Princess strode into the room with an audible snort,  Rusty in trail.

She stiffly walked past me into the back room (all this out of range of the webinar camera) and laid down there.  Every fiber of her being conveyed her defiance of the totalitarian regime.

(understand that there was a block “snap on door” on BOTH sides – she had popped the outside one off and then muscled her way through the one on the inside)

You just can’t keep a good cat down!



Learning Together

I’m 10 years old in this photo (according to the date on the back) and in the process of teaching myself (and my outdoor kitty Tucker) to walk on a leash.

The leash is just string though I know he had a REAL collar!


I am amazed in retrospect just how patient Tucker was with me in my fledgling attempts at kitty training.  In truth we were both learning and loved doing so together.

Pay Attention!

Of all the nerve.  Kitty comes to sit on my lap for attention and I have the audacity to stop the loving and petting and get out the camera?!


Rusty really thought he had me better trained than this.  He is shocked, appalled and… disappointed in me.

He’ll have to go back to square one in my training.  Poor kitty.

(In my defence  may I point out that the petting had been for almost 30 minutes prior to this lapse of behaviour.)