Morning Ablutions

If one MUST be up early on a Sunday then the proper course of events is a good repast followed by leisurely conducting one’s ablutions in the drawing room sunbeam.


After this a nap may be in order.  Yes, I’m rather sure it might.  May not even have to move…


Weekend Musings

Day dreaming comes in all forms, sometimes staring at the wall, sometimes staring out the window.


Though the Air Conditioner, when running, is a bothersome thing noise wise apparently it is a perfect perch for times of contemplation.

Princess surveys the back yard and beyond ensuring all is right within her domain.


Monitoring not Hampering

Rusty would like to make it clear that laying stretched out on the suitcase is just because it is convenient – and warm – and just right.

It has NOTHING to do with trying to impede packing.


And actually I’m quite sure that is true.  They both seem to be aware of when the packing is for a distant trip and when for a very close impending trip.

No cause for disruption – – – YET.

The First Kitty

Candy was a rough and tough tom cat that lived his life outdoors and free.  He is the first cat I remember – this photo (from 1960) is when I was only two years old.  I don’t remember him as a kitten and assume that in this photo he is likely about the same age as me.  Candy shaped my love of cats (and respect for them).


My mother raised Candy with rules and he followed them.  I can remember her calling him for dinner and seeing him stand straight up in the field to double check he had heard right then RACING towards the house from great distances away.  When he arrived he would  dig into the treat and afterwards would happily purr for the attention I gave him..

Candy was always gentle with me, and as the years went by I had to become more and more gentle with him for the battle scars of his territorial defence mounted.  Towards the end there were very few safe places to pet and scratch him – but he would always enjoy when you found them.

The Cougar Dish Saga… all’s fair

Rome was not built in a day they say… and THE final photo of my kitties sipping elixir of life from my mother’s cougar dish is obviously not going to happen quickly either.

Sometimes new tactics must be resorted to.


Bribery sounds like a nasty thing – but I suspect Rusty is totally fine with getting a ring of kitty treats on the ledge of his dish.

He’s ok enough with it that he allows the camera.  (not for drinking in front of the camera … yet.)

Who Goes There?

I am “face-timing” with my dear friend – she says she would like to see the kitties as they frolic.

I set the phone down and Rusty comes over to investigate the movement on the screen.


My girlfriend sends back the resulting screen capture image that she loved.  What it lacks in quality it makes up for in immediacy.  People sometimes complain about how technology is isolating us – I don’t find that so.  There are many ways to connect that weren’t available before; you “just” need to control those tools rather than the other way around.

Even Rusty embraces the tech.


Too Smart

Bengals  have lots of energy and get bored easily… this is a combination just rife with problems.  I have spent decades training kitties and it has really paid off with the Bengal breed as it keeps them entertained and challenged.

BUT all good things have a “flip side” and the adaptation of trained behaviours to something new and un-intended is one of them.

Not that long ago I realized I had not trained Princes to “shake a paw” and so introduced the concept.  After the usual confusion and reluctant attempts she started to nail that trick like a pro feeling quite proud of herself.

But then her brain continued to work with this new idea.  What if she raised her paw and used it to tap other parts of my body besides my hand?


The camera is in my lap looking up.  She is looking me directly in the eyes.  She has just thought of a new idea… I can hear her brain asking “what would happen if I tap her right there, on the nose?”

As she reaches tentatively forward (claws sheathed) I determine this is a new idea that however commendable and cute MUST cease!


Waiting patiently

Rusty is such a gentlemanly kitty who tries to be polite.  He is actually VERY hungry (was off his food for a few days) and would like to eat NOW!  But he doesn’t want to be pushy so he leaves the kitchen and sits looking down the hall, then back over his shoulder.


He will wait this way – or wander a bit further away so as not to pressure me – then when I call him he will stretch and come over and start the “thank yous”.

He ALWAYS thanks me.  Lots of purring and rubbing against me before he settles to eat.  And when he isn’t hungry he will still come thank me then check the dish, thank me again and walk away.

Weekend Lie In

There is nothing that Rusty likes better than a day (rare as they are) that I am well and decide to get up, feed the kitty, make the bed and then come back and lie down to watch TV.


A good breakfast, a short playtime, a bit of morning sun coming in… and a cuddle for digestion purposes.

The day will be good (for both of us)!

Mighty Hunters

Bengal kitties are supposed to love water.  The three I have had so far have not shown that tendency.  But MAYBE they just need the right incentive.

I wonder if they – like this little healthy sleek stray kitty – would be more motivated after they made a successful catch like s/he did.

The history on this video clip was unsearchable by me, but it appears the kitty has learned how to use humans to help him catch fish.  Points out the area, prompts the human to throw bread to attract the fish… and then.  BAM – success.  (see imbedded link above)