The Cougars’ Water Dish…(Pt.1)

About a month ago in tidying up my mother’s place for sale I took the cement water dish  thinking it would be neat to get a photo of my little beasties drinking from it.

The dish was made in the 1930s by my grandfather and has lasted the years and moves since.  The design was my grandfather’s – his challenge to find a way to leave water out for the cougars that they wouldn’t toss about and knock over emptying. (This was the successful design winner.)

The kitties immediately approved of the dish (set up outside as “found water”) but getting a photo of them drinking from it is another thing entirely.


After a month of repositioning the dish, camera, etc. and laying in wait I had given up completely.

Then the other morning after enjoying the sunrise and the quiet of the cul de sac  I stepped off the balcony inside and turning saw Rusty approaching THE DISH…  I thought “YESSS!” and picked up the camera.

The light whisper of the cap removal and the power being turned on got the first ear twitch…


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