Too Smart

Bengals  have lots of energy and get bored easily… this is a combination just rife with problems.  I have spent decades training kitties and it has really paid off with the Bengal breed as it keeps them entertained and challenged.

BUT all good things have a “flip side” and the adaptation of trained behaviours to something new and un-intended is one of them.

Not that long ago I realized I had not trained Princes to “shake a paw” and so introduced the concept.  After the usual confusion and reluctant attempts she started to nail that trick like a pro feeling quite proud of herself.

But then her brain continued to work with this new idea.  What if she raised her paw and used it to tap other parts of my body besides my hand?


The camera is in my lap looking up.  She is looking me directly in the eyes.  She has just thought of a new idea… I can hear her brain asking “what would happen if I tap her right there, on the nose?”

As she reaches tentatively forward (claws sheathed) I determine this is a new idea that however commendable and cute MUST cease!




  1. Three Chatty Cats · July 25, 2016

    Aha, she’s too smart! Olive will go up to my husband when he’s at his desk and reach up and tap his arm until he looks down at her and pets her. It’s very cute, often accompanied by a tiny mew.

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