The First Kitty

Candy was a rough and tough tom cat that lived his life outdoors and free.  He is the first cat I remember – this photo (from 1960) is when I was only two years old.  I don’t remember him as a kitten and assume that in this photo he is likely about the same age as me.  Candy shaped my love of cats (and respect for them).


My mother raised Candy with rules and he followed them.  I can remember her calling him for dinner and seeing him stand straight up in the field to double check he had heard right then RACING towards the house from great distances away.  When he arrived he would  dig into the treat and afterwards would happily purr for the attention I gave him..

Candy was always gentle with me, and as the years went by I had to become more and more gentle with him for the battle scars of his territorial defence mounted.  Towards the end there were very few safe places to pet and scratch him – but he would always enjoy when you found them.


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