I’m Not Backing Down, You Back Down

When you are evenly matched and playing… (or when you are playing and don’t want to hurt one another evenly matched or not)…


A lot of posturing goes on.  And then a tussle, and then lots of running about to keep the blood moving!

The chase will soon be on!


If I found it – it is MINE

I was setting out the last of the items for my overseas packing.  One of them is a “change ball” that I use to demonstrate during communication classes how messages that the sender has packaged clearly and concisely can change enroute or be interpreted differently by the receiver.  This is an important and serious thing!

Princess discovered it.  WOW COOL – a great toy!


When I found that she had taken it off the table by the suitcase and was playing with it on the floor I said “not for you” she disagreed.  With distain she ignored me and left her paw firmly on her new toy.

She is actually right – it is originally a child’s toy.  But she is even more correct about it being a wonderful kitty toy (it is light, it rattles, it moves, it has a flickering light in it)…

(Don’t worry – I left her one of them.)

Talk to The Back!

I have completely fallen out of Princess’ good books (if I was ever really in her good books)…

I think she did not like being “ousted” off the luggage that I was packing into and she went away in a huff.  When I tracked her down later I found her in the garage on a piece of stored luggage.


She wouldn’t acknowledge me when I came to make up.  There is, after all, only so much a cat can put up with!

(don’t worry we cuddled later at bed time)


Privileged and Pampered

Rusty gets his breakfast, some mornings, on the foot of the bed.  But in his world that isn’t being pampered enough.  He takes the food off the dish and places it ON the coverlet before consuming.


For that reason I have, of course, had to add a special tablecloth at the foot of the bed.

Pampered is an understatement I think…

*I* think it counts…

OK, I know that you can’t really see him drinking from the cougar dish.  I know it is not a headshot but rather the reverse…


Butt (literally) this is the best I’ve got so far – so there.

Going to set up the go-pro (recent acquisition) on a motion detector and cheat – that’s what I’m going to do!

Not as Kind as it First Appears

It may look like Rusty is just being kind and grooming Princess.  But he has ulterior motives.

I’ve seen him pull this off before… and it keeps on working.


He will just “politely” keep on grooming her till she leaves the sunbeam.  Then he will watch her depart and pretend to be heartbroken as he settles into the pre-warmed spot.

Poor Rusty – she doesn’t appreciate him…

Not Welcome In This House…

The typical pet parent that I am, I am always on the lookout for anything that might enrich the kitties’ lives.

I see an ad for a “companion pet” for the elderly (my mother loves cats and there are none in the nursing home she lives in)… so I convince myself the only way to find out if it is worthwhile for my mom is to order one and if nothing else the kittens may like it.

It, as you will be able to tell from this mug shot, is a monster!


The meeting between the “Hasbro Companion Pet” and my kitties – well I have to edit the video first – but stand by.  You will be amused (but, to put it mildly,the kitties were not).