Past Packing Dilemmas

As I am preparing for my Africa departure I remember packing difficulties from the past – six years ago I went out of the room for a moment to get some more items and when I returned…


ZhaZee (my retired stud Bengal) had tucked himself into the suitcase and was pretending to be sound asleep.  (He had NOT had time to be asleep yet).

He laid there totally still not moving or even twitching his ears as I spoke to him.  I decided to let him lay there and re-worked my packing till he got bored and sat up and talked with me.

I suspect that he felt if I was taking that much Tuna with me I must need a cat to consume it!  (For anyone that has ever lived as an expat – out of your own home country for a time – you know that someone arriving from home MUST bring your favorite things with them as a gift.)  Any spare room weight wise is always filled with that which others NEED.




One comment

  1. Three Chatty Cats · August 4, 2016

    This picture is so cute! ZhaZee fit like a glove in there!

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