There are frightening things afoot!!!  Beware, Beware


This monster was waiting to pounce!

Actually I couldn’t do anything but smile when I saw him… he’s way too cute to be scary.

Wishing all who celebrate a GREAT evening out and about tonight!  🙂




Don’t Open The Curtains!

I think Princess is trying to tell me to leave the blackout curtains drawn.  Sundays shouldn’t start till after noon.


After this photo she buried her eyes even deeper (I apologized for the flash).

I think she has a good idea…

Not Again?!

Well it seems that leaving a returning suitcase upright and partially open is most definitely an invitation for Princess.

Problem is…


getting out it appears she needs help.

I’m betting she waits till I’m within calling distance before she hops in to investigate as then she can let me know when she is ready to get out.

However, in future just to be sure, I shall leave the side opened too or completely zipped.

(Bet she is hunting for the soap smells hoping I’ve brought back new little packets from the hotels.)


I remember this …

But the internet doesn’t seem to.  I tried looking up this brand and it has in the years since vanished.

Was going through old scrap books while cleaning out my mom’s house.  In one of them (dated in the 1960s) was a bunch of can labels.


I remember this can clearly – I always imagined that kitty as being mine – I was sure he was a rough tough brawler with a good heart and a great sense of fun.  The imagination of a child with just one cartoon face!

Reading the label I love how basic the directions were.


Princess is NOT impressed with the suggestion that she should voluntarily come onto my lap for a snuggle.


She wants treats.  I’m telling her that she should come over for a snuggle.  She does not think that is part of the deal.

She is appalled that I don’t just answer her polite request, she is also leery that I might just GRAB her for a snuggle (which is not part of the program).  But she knows that if I do grab her for a snuggle she will get treats – it is a dilemma.

If I agreed to her “polite requests” every time she asked she would not have her girlish figure no mater how much she runs in the wheel!  Really it is for her own good.


Miami Green Serengeti Heat

I’m “enjoying” the sleety rain in Iceland right now (it is keeping the moss here quite green) and it has reminded me of the green in the Miami Zoo lion enclosure when I was there late last month.  The enclosure is a large one with lots of places the lions are able to go and lie that are out of sight.  Despite the choices they were laying in full view in the shade of a very green tree with a verdant background.


The lioness here was panting in the heat (which I am missing right now) but seemed most appreciative of the cool green shade.  I’ll never have a problem picking out these photos from the ones I have of lions in Tanzania – nothing was ever this green in the background there.

This gorgeous lady was in fine health with good solid teeth, a sleek coat, and some pretty impressive muscles when she got up and stretched.  I think that one of the reasons for lying in view of the people is the people watching in return – entertainment on both sides.



Monday morning and there is work to do!  The Shredder and her accomplice (both trying to hide their faces) descend upon the scratching board.


The number of times I have to vacuum and sweep up from the devastation…

BUT, the good thing is, she mainly keeps her shredding to the approved areas these days.  In her early years with me it was a battle (and the house has the scars).

Where’s the Kitty?

Cat?  Cat?  Where?


Sometimes when Rusty doesn’t wish to be disturbed he hides his eyes assured that this means I can’t see him either.

When he is on this blanket – the camouflage is so good – he is almost right.  Smart sleepy kitty.

Smart as he is still snoozing on this sleepy Sunday.

Sleepy Saturday

There is nothing, I mean NOTHING, that says relaxed like my kitties sleeping.  Especially on a weekend when the idea of sleeping in is as attractive as my little lady here.


Princess is sound asleep in the sunbeam (on the heating pad) and planning to stay that way for a while.

When she was younger you could NEVER see her in any position that wasn’t tidy and neat.  She has relaxed a bit in these last few years.  Her primness is slipping.