Miami Green Serengeti Heat

I’m “enjoying” the sleety rain in Iceland right now (it is keeping the moss here quite green) and it has reminded me of the green in the Miami Zoo lion enclosure when I was there late last month.  The enclosure is a large one with lots of places the lions are able to go and lie that are out of sight.  Despite the choices they were laying in full view in the shade of a very green tree with a verdant background.


The lioness here was panting in the heat (which I am missing right now) but seemed most appreciative of the cool green shade.  I’ll never have a problem picking out these photos from the ones I have of lions in Tanzania – nothing was ever this green in the background there.

This gorgeous lady was in fine health with good solid teeth, a sleek coat, and some pretty impressive muscles when she got up and stretched.  I think that one of the reasons for lying in view of the people is the people watching in return – entertainment on both sides.




  1. Three Chatty Cats · October 25, 2016

    Very pretty!

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