I can’t hear you…

Rusty actually does know that I want to sit on the chair.

But he is pretending that he doesn’t understand.


What I would actually *like* to do is pick him up and put him on my lap… but he absolutely will not handle that.  So we are at a stand-off…


Guest Kitty from Palm Springs

I’ve been lucky enough to have business (and pleasure) take me into the Palm Springs area a few times.  If I have the chance/time one of my favorite things to do there is to visit “The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens”.  It is an oasis of nature just steps away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

On a recent trip I watched a pair of Bobcats play “stalk an catch” with one another.  They were full of bounce and energy.


This one is sitting pretending he doesn’t know his buddy is creeping up behind him…

The chase will be on soon.

Not There, Here!

Princess can not believe where my attention is.  “Why?” she is asking, “just WHY are you still working on that computer when I am sitting here patiently waiting for you?”


Her amazement is that she simply can not see any, repeat ANY, attraction to this chunk of circuits and metal…  And especially when someone warm and purry with gorgeous green eyes is sitting right within reach.

(A someone who wants kitty treats I might add 😉 )

When you need a friend…

When Rusty isn’t feeling well I often find him with his head buried against his best friend EVER (that is one step up from a bff I think).


A little tuna, a bit of yogurt and a bit more rest and he’ll likely be back up to frolicking.  But how much of the healing is due to Princess’s care we shall never know.

(PS – he was good the next morning.)

The Bedtime Dash (almost)

When I turn off the lights in the office or come in from outside and announce “Bedtime Kitties” there is a mad dash up the stairs and down the hallway to the bedroom.

This is usually done in the dark and what I see (if I get to the room before them) is two shadows coming down the hallway (sometimes in a blur – sometimes sauntering to see how long I will hold the door open).

The other night I thought it was time I got a photo of this.  So I turned on the hall light and called them.

There was a thunder of paws on the stairs and Princess rounded the corner in the lead and SAW THE CAMERA!

SCREEEEEETCH the brakes came on.


Rusty didn’t get the message and bounced around the corner with joy realizing he may actually catch up and pass…

And then he SAW the camera.

Slow down and pretend nothing going on here.

SIGH it may take a while to get them trusting me again.  I keep violating manners and trust.  (giggle – but some things are worth it)

Thinking Outside the Box

Princess and the small box don’t connect.  She can get things out of other boxes – but her brain has a tough time getting out of this one.


She finally got paws and head in and dug out the treats (see the red circle highlighting them on the floor)… but she never noticed.  She kept trying to get at them!

She eventually pushed the box along across the room into the far wall and then gave up in frustration.  She walked back across towards me without seeing/smelling the treats.  When I pointed them out she was convinced I had just placed them there.

We all have blind spots.

First Photos EVER Rescued Cougar Kittens

My grandfather, who did hunt cougars for the $20.00 bounty being offered in 1934, backtracked to the den of a mother cougar and found four little kittens with their eyes still closed.  He put the kittens in his pack and brought them back home to Owen Bay (British Columbia).

A few weeks later the first baby photos where taken.  Ms. Godkin a neighbour and housekeeper for the Schnarr family took one of the kittens out of the house where the light was better for the photo.


Mrs. Godkin was in charge of the general care and feeding of the baby cougars – all of which was a brand new experiment.  Nipples were in short supply and one had to be borrowed from her daughter, the only person in the area with a newborn child.

The small cougars were energetic in their attempts to learn how to bottle feed necessitating normal feedings to require them to be swaddled in a towel to keep their feet and claws away from the bottle and the arm of the person doing the feeding.

How I wish I could enhance this photo to see the kitten better… but I am so incredibly glad there is any record!  And actually I do so love the mood captured – Mrs. Godkin looks like I feel when I am allowed to handle or pet some rescued creature.

You Could Make This Purr-fect

Sometimes my kitties do make me feel very welcomed and needed.  When I came into the room where they were lounged on the heating pad in the sunbeam they chirped a hello.  Squinty eyes and a leg stretch in my direction and I got the message.


The only thing lacking in the perfection of the moment was a good petting from a favourite human.

We all enjoyed the next dozen minutes or longer.

Stop Everything!

I’m always amazed how polite kitties are when playing with one another.  There is a complete understanding that one can be totally immersed in play one second and then everything stops in its tracks (sometimes literally) when an itch needs scratching.


Rusty and I were in FULL PLAY mode and then – stop.  The itch is so important that I am totally allowed to take a photo as I was kitty polite enough to immediately stop play and wait for the itch to be taken care of.

We resumed play again immediately thereafter.  It is always good to know the rules of proper etiquette.  It greases the wheels of relationships throughout the world between all types of cultures.

Princess’s Patience

While Rusty is eating his breakfast Princess waits.  She doesn’t like his breakfast.  She wants some crunchy kitty treats.  But there are rules.

If I give her kitty treats before he has eaten his meal he will cry for the treats and then will not eat his meal.

If I give her kitty treats after he has eaten his meal he is not interested in the treats.


And so his pampering comes first – breakfast on the foot of the bed.  Then hers.

I don’t think, from the look on her angelically patient face, that she actually believes this is fair.  It just, sigh, is life.