Guest Tanzanian Kitty

When I was in Tanzania this fall I was visiting a friend and her various dogs/cats/etc.  One of her more recent adoptions has been granted the honorable name of “Tumbo” (which is Swahili for “stomach”.)


He garnered that name as it appeared that thinking about his tummy was ALWAYS a first, second and third priority when he first arrived.  And the name has fit him ever since.

In this photo it is an hour before dinner time and he KNOWS that our clocks are running slow.  He has gone up to check on the empty silver kitty food dishes (behind him and just below) and then wandered up onto the next shelf to advise us of the tragic situation.

I’m told if the crisis isn’t rectified on time the dishes will start to head for the floor (not that it will be intentional – just he will be weak from hunger and his coordination will be lacking 😉 )



  1. Three Chatty Cats · November 4, 2016

    Love his pattern.

    Liked by 1 person

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