Help Unpacking…

When I get home from a trip – short or long – I unpack my bags (or day backpack) onto the table.  Then I put the bag away and then sort through and make sure that everything else is returned to its rightful place.  Sometimes, I must admit, after a long day it waits till the next work day before things are cleaned up.

To start the Monday off on a clean slate  I unpacked my day back-pack and then went into the other room to take a call.  When I returned I picked up the back-pack (rather roughly) and was surprised to find it heavy.  I was SURE I had removed everything.

The back-pack started to move in my arms and a small mew came forth.


I carefully and consolingly set the pack down.  I hadn’t realized an inspection was in progress.  Princess was helping ensure that everything was out.

Some things shouldn’t be rushed!  Quality inspection is important.




  1. Three Chatty Cats · November 14, 2016

    So, you got the suitcase figured out. Now, onto the backpack!

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