First Photos EVER Rescued Cougar Kittens

My grandfather, who did hunt cougars for the $20.00 bounty being offered in 1934, backtracked to the den of a mother cougar and found four little kittens with their eyes still closed.  He put the kittens in his pack and brought them back home to Owen Bay (British Columbia).

A few weeks later the first baby photos where taken.  Ms. Godkin a neighbour and housekeeper for the Schnarr family took one of the kittens out of the house where the light was better for the photo.


Mrs. Godkin was in charge of the general care and feeding of the baby cougars – all of which was a brand new experiment.  Nipples were in short supply and one had to be borrowed from her daughter, the only person in the area with a newborn child.

The small cougars were energetic in their attempts to learn how to bottle feed necessitating normal feedings to require them to be swaddled in a towel to keep their feet and claws away from the bottle and the arm of the person doing the feeding.

How I wish I could enhance this photo to see the kitten better… but I am so incredibly glad there is any record!  And actually I do so love the mood captured – Mrs. Godkin looks like I feel when I am allowed to handle or pet some rescued creature.



  1. Three Chatty Cats · November 29, 2016

    Wow, quite an experience!

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