What a KICK!

An absolutely FAVORITE place for not only purchasing wonderful kitty things but a friendly visit with the owners and the kitties of the shop was “The Cat House” in Calgary.  It had been around for years… and a couple of years ago burned down 😦

They had been trying to find a new place to open again and have found it just isn’t in the cards.  Despite being depressed about that I discovered that they are ONLINE now.  Yesterday my first order from them online showed up.  Princess was a very very very happy kitty.

Princess gets overwhelmed by cat nip – but not from honeysuckle.  I only had one honeysuckle toy left from when The Cat House was still standing.  But when I heard they were now online I splurged and bought her some treats.

Within seconds of opening the shipment Princess was chewing and kicking the new favorite toy 🙂  Doesn’t she look happy?


It is a hand made burlap bopper cat toy containing natural honeysuckle wood sawdust and premium organic catnip.  If it was just catnip she would be owly and would walk away from it quite quickly – as it is she played with it for a long time purring ferociously.  She even came and thanked me after with purrs and cuddles.

Burlap Bopper


Sparkling in the Sunshine

My kitties LOVE sitting in the sunshine.  They know where all the sunbeams are at every second of the day and migrate accordingly.

Their favorite spot is when it shines on their heating pad and they can be broiled from above and below.

I am fascinated by the gorgeous rainbow of colours that each hair reflects – yet disappointed that, like trying to capture the glitter of snow, the photo NEVER captures the sparkle.


This is Rusty – hot to the touch, rumbling with purrs, and sparkly.  Gorgeous guy 🙂

This is NOT the attention I wanted!

Princess leapt up to the desk (she just appears to float effortlessly, even now in her senior years) and planted herself firmly at the mouse pad to get attention.

I picked up the camera to give her my full attention…


Her demeanor immediately changed.  She wanted petting or a challenge, she did NOT want a camera lens in her face!

Don’t worry, after I took this offensive photo (from her perspective – I think she is looking quite cute)… I gave her what she wanted.

She wanted a challenge.  First we chased the red dot.  Then she did some tricks for treats (I can lay the treats out on the desk, she knows where they are but won’t take them – she wants the interaction).  We did “jump through hoop”, “sit-up”, “shake a paw”, “sit and stay” and “go to commanded placesssss”.  She does so love that (much happier kitty face) but the second the camera comes back up… THIS face appears again – so you’ll just have to trust me on this one 😉


Office Helper

The kitties can ALWAYS be counted on to help me unpack office supplies when they arrive.  They want to be very sure the supplies are thoroughly examined for quality… including, of course, the box.


In charge of Quality Control – Rusty is confirming this box is good.

Too Much Travel!

I can tell I’ve been travelling TOO much.  Part of that is when I notice the intense desire to sleep in for days in a row, and part of it is the behaviour of my kitties.

Rusty has been sleeping close to me every night – but that isn’t enough.


Apparently he hasn’t had enough cuddling.  Despite the fact that he is too big for my lap he can make himself small and join me at the computer desk.

As uncomfortable as it is for both of us… we make it work 🙂 !!