Sunny Snowy Spring

It is a spring day in Calgary – which means the sun is shining… but only a little while ago the snow was pouring down outside (which explains why spring cleaning hasn’t made it to that window yet!)

Princess has snagged THE best perch.  The window sill in the office on the sunny side of the house.

However… someone else has awoken to discover he is no longer in a warm spot and he has come hunting.

He is talking to her right now.  He’d like to get up on that window sill.  He thinks she should move.  I don’t think she believes that is something she will do.  What do you think – will she move, or stay?


The demands of the other’s in the house can be SO tiring…

Just as a point – the BEST perch in the house is on the balcony… but this is the picture of it about an hour earlier


(They didn’t want to go out on the balcony – I have NO IDEA why not 😉 )



  1. Three Chatty Cats · May 1, 2017

    Yeah, crazy that they didn’t want to go on the balcony! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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