Welcomed Home With Love

Rusty has a wonderful way of welcoming me home.  He and Princess always come chirping and greeting with purrs on my entry, they always sleep with me close… but the following morning – working on the computer – this is Rusty’s special welcome


His continued attempts to be small enough to snuggle on my lap while I work.

He shall never give up, never surrender <G>

I’ve got your back…

Though he is not the central part of this photo it is Rusty that I am enraptured by – he is SO intent on what Princess is doing and what is going on with that “fishing fly”.


I think that if that fly gets away from Princess he will get it for sure.  He has her back on this hunt!

It is good when someone has your back.  I look forward to cuddling them both again very soon (I’m on the road, but know they are there for me the moment I come through the door.)

Nothing to Wait For…

Rusty is waiting patiently for the chance to dig into the box… but I guarantee Princes will have eaten the few treats that I tossed into the far end before he gets a chance.


But once Princess is finished… I will (not to worry) put new ones in there for Rusty <G>

I’ll have to wait till Princess leaves though otherwise she’ll get in there first again.