There is an INTRUDER in the laundry room!!

“Good heaven’s human?!” Princess says “WHY did you let that monster into the house?!”


She was actually fine when the plumber came into the house… it was when he started auguring the laundry drain.  SCARY noises.

Her first thought was to go over and sniff the closed door and consider entering through the kitty door to investigate further.  But it was too loud and too frightening so she came back to sit near me and look questioning up in between nervously monitoring the door.

When he left both kitties had to examine the floor in the laundry room in great detail.

All is right with the world now though (wew – a close call! only reason disaster was averted is her vigilance!)



Welcomed Home With Love

Rusty has a wonderful way of welcoming me home.  He and Princess always come chirping and greeting with purrs on my entry, they always sleep with me close… but the following morning – working on the computer – this is Rusty’s special welcome


His continued attempts to be small enough to snuggle on my lap while I work.

He shall never give up, never surrender <G>

I’ve got your back…

Though he is not the central part of this photo it is Rusty that I am enraptured by – he is SO intent on what Princess is doing and what is going on with that “fishing fly”.


I think that if that fly gets away from Princess he will get it for sure.  He has her back on this hunt!

It is good when someone has your back.  I look forward to cuddling them both again very soon (I’m on the road, but know they are there for me the moment I come through the door.)

Nothing to Wait For…

Rusty is waiting patiently for the chance to dig into the box… but I guarantee Princes will have eaten the few treats that I tossed into the far end before he gets a chance.


But once Princess is finished… I will (not to worry) put new ones in there for Rusty <G>

I’ll have to wait till Princess leaves though otherwise she’ll get in there first again.