The Cat Café (San Diego)

I was down working a conference in San Diego and on the “strike the set” day (clean-up) I had a few hours that I could either go back to my hotel room to work, pack and sleep… or… go check out the local Cat Café (which was a mere 10 minutes away…)

This is only the second “cat café” I’ve been to and I love the differences between the two.  They both reflect the vibe of the area they are in.  Both clean and well run with wonderful kitties.

The Cat Café in San Diego ( is in their third SUCCESSFUL year (219 adoptions from in their first two years ending February 2017 when they switched sources and continued the count climbing!)  I think I am EXCEEDINGLY lucky that I live in Calgary as otherwise I know I would have taken one of their kitties home with me after meeting him.  Though all the kitties were wonderful, my heart is with Monty:

AepCatMontyBengalCatCafeCALsan20170725Monty is eight and has a story that goes with his “Scottish Fold” style ears; he suffered from abscesses on his ears and when the doctors drained the abscesses his ears collapsed (he hears just fine and his ears don’t seem to bother him at all and they aren’t sensitive to scratch and fondle).   He got surrendered, reason undisclosed, was sad; then he got adopted, but he yowled in the apartment and the neighbours didn’t like it – his new family is heartbroken that they had to bring him in (or get evicted).  He sounds like a typical Bengal – full of energy and love.  He needs space, company and a way to burn off energy (I have two running wheels in the house…)

When I sat down next to him (he was sound asleep and flaked out on his side in this cubby hole) as soon as I started talking to him he started to purr.  After a bit longer he opened his eyes and reached for me.  After a bit of loving he got up, re-arranged himself and purring sat down in cat loaf and dozed.  I really hope he gets adopted soon – come-on Southern California!!!

BUT – there were other wonderful kitties there too.  And I loved the relaxed style of the place.  Entry fee is limited to a purchase of something from the café.  The entry time is when there is space in the room (not overcrowded) and once you are in you can stay as long as you like.

The decorations were full of whimsy – the bathroom door (available from the kitty room so that only patrons could use it) was FUN:


And one wall was covered with the same style of art and fit with the kitty and people perches that were against it.


The opposite wall was covered by an AWESOME cat climbing gym (I want one!!!) donated by Urban Feline ( – they have a cool story too).  You can see the wall in this next picture:


The wall IS cool (but the kitty was irresistible).  As a matter of fact – there is a GREAT interview about the company that produces these fabulous kitty furnishings over on a friend’s blog – she’s got great kitty articles and is worth checking out.

If I lived in San Diego – even with my lovely kitties – I’d be visiting this friendly relaxed place on a regular basis.


Lovely patio to sit in the sunshine and wait if the kitty room is full (they do advance bookings too though).

Worth a visit!



Second Family Kitty

I’m on the road again and though missing my kitties the wonderful thing is… I know kitty people!

I have been great friends with my second family in San Diego for decades (haven’t seen them in quite a while) but this trip to the gorgeous city I got to see them … AND their new kitty.

Meet Max:  He came to them overweight and unhappy at the death of his former human (overweight because he dutifully sat at their bed).  He is a SOFTY – beautiful crystaline blue eyes, silky fur, and a heart that is still kittenish at his advancing age.  Love him to bits!


Loyal Sick-bed Companion

Though I am healthy and recovered now a week ago that was not the case… I had to cancel a planned trip and disappear into bed.  But I was not alone.

The normal view from my sick bed was this or similar…


Anytime I woke he was snuggled against me.  Pretty hard to fault his care and attention.


Pampered Pet

There is no other title that appropriately fits these photos.  Rusty, who does have a delicate stomach, has me so twisted round his little dew claw that the following (though not a daily ritual) does happen on a fairly frequent basis.

Breakfast in bed occurs when he doesn’t leap out and follow me to the kitchen in the mornings while I make his breakfast.  If he stays laying in bed and I am not dashing out to an appointment I will bring his breakfast into the bedroom and lay a tablecloth (fuzzy blanket) over the end of the bed for him to eat off.

Then if he doesn’t leap up I acknowledge that he may need a tummy rub.


Happy kitty, breakfast in background.  I know if I have stopped the belly rub too soon because when I do … this is what happens.


If that LOOK doesn’t do it he chitters at me till I complete the appropriate amount of tummy relaxing rubbing.

I give up saying that I am “not controlled by my cats”.  I admit it.  I am.

(always willing though – the purrs make it worth it)