Loyal Sick-bed Companion

Though I am healthy and recovered now a week ago that was not the case… I had to cancel a planned trip and disappear into bed.  But I was not alone.

The normal view from my sick bed was this or similar…


Anytime I woke he was snuggled against me.  Pretty hard to fault his care and attention.


Pampered Pet

There is no other title that appropriately fits these photos.  Rusty, who does have a delicate stomach, has me so twisted round his little dew claw that the following (though not a daily ritual) does happen on a fairly frequent basis.

Breakfast in bed occurs when he doesn’t leap out and follow me to the kitchen in the mornings while I make his breakfast.  If he stays laying in bed and I am not dashing out to an appointment I will bring his breakfast into the bedroom and lay a tablecloth (fuzzy blanket) over the end of the bed for him to eat off.

Then if he doesn’t leap up I acknowledge that he may need a tummy rub.


Happy kitty, breakfast in background.  I know if I have stopped the belly rub too soon because when I do … this is what happens.


If that LOOK doesn’t do it he chitters at me till I complete the appropriate amount of tummy relaxing rubbing.

I give up saying that I am “not controlled by my cats”.  I admit it.  I am.

(always willing though – the purrs make it worth it)