You WILL not film us fighting!

Once again as a photographer of the natural order of things – I fail.  My kitties are very good at hearing me pick up a camera and get it ready to take pictures.  And this seems to be heightened when they fight.

I’ll hear the fight start – that change in their play turning a bit rougher – and reach for the camera.  By the time I have it leveled in their direction they have separated and are sitting glaring at the ground (not at me or each other).


Rusty is in the front, sitting beside my packing.  Princess is under the table in the very back.  Neither is going to move till I and the camera depart.  Not one inch.  Nope, they sit exactly like this till I leave.  I can take however many photos I want but they will all be the same.

Their patience is greater than mine.  This is the only photo.


Entertainment is Difficult

I am constantly trying to find new ways to entertain my easily bored and full of energy Bengals.  They sleep, get up and run through the house thundering along the hallways and down the stairs into the garage… then, no longer distracted they come to me:  “I’m bored… play with me”.  They can be very demanding if something I try that doesn’t interest them I can see their disappointment “Oh, THAT again?  Really is that the best you can do?  How dull, how unoriginal.”

There are two running wheels in the house – one small, one large.  I rotate toys, purchase new ones, play chase and tag, cuddle them, teach them tricks… and still I fall short.

This time I succeeded (but only briefly) by hiding the treats behind the toys in the back of the box.  Once she figured out there were treats back there – Princess became engaged in the process of burrowing till she got her way.


Now I will re-cycle the box and give that idea a rest for a month – otherwise I’ll be glared at for my monotonous routines <G>.


Rusty is NOT amused…

Was moving a few things around with my suitcases and carry on and Rusty came to inspect.

I got the message LOUD and CLEAR – he does NOT think that it is appropriate for me to be packing again….


I tried to tell him it isn’t for a few more days… lots more sleeps…

I don’t think he cared.

(I’ll give him some extra cuddles tonight to make up)