Entertainment is Difficult

I am constantly trying to find new ways to entertain my easily bored and full of energy Bengals.  They sleep, get up and run through the house thundering along the hallways and down the stairs into the garage… then, no longer distracted they come to me:  “I’m bored… play with me”.  They can be very demanding if something I try that doesn’t interest them I can see their disappointment “Oh, THAT again?  Really is that the best you can do?  How dull, how unoriginal.”

There are two running wheels in the house – one small, one large.  I rotate toys, purchase new ones, play chase and tag, cuddle them, teach them tricks… and still I fall short.

This time I succeeded (but only briefly) by hiding the treats behind the toys in the back of the box.  Once she figured out there were treats back there – Princess became engaged in the process of burrowing till she got her way.


Now I will re-cycle the box and give that idea a rest for a month – otherwise I’ll be glared at for my monotonous routines <G>.




  1. Darce Chandler · September 10

    Same with Crickutt. She’s old and arthritic, hind end hurts, but youthful brain wants to play. Any toy needs to resemble prey or we get “the look”. The ONLY one that met with approval was made of grey feathers and moved along the floor like a mouse. She’s destroyed it, and everything else is pristine and untouched. We are not meeting Princess Chinchilla’s expectations and is most clear and I’m out of ideas so she’s just getting fat.


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    • elainesdailykitty · September 11

      but old ideas do become new again – do not despair – interest will spark again 🙂


  2. gloria baker · September 11

    Cute picture! They sure keep you on your toes!!

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    • elainesdailykitty · September 13

      Part of what I love about them. They WANT so badly to interact! If only I could truly speak cat…


  3. Linda Ashworth · September 18

    Wow!! I found the comments!!

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    • elainesdailykitty · September 19

      Coooool 🙂 (why do all of the sites have to be just a little bit different?!)


  4. Three Chatty Cats · September 20

    MOL! I have a photo like that of Olive as a kitten in a soda box.

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    • elainesdailykitty · September 22

      I can imagine Olive behaving that way… Rusty does but only when Princess isn’t around (she get’s in first and cleans it out).

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