Loyal Sick-bed Companion

Though I am healthy and recovered now a week ago that was not the case… I had to cancel a planned trip and disappear into bed.  But I was not alone.

The normal view from my sick bed was this or similar…


Anytime I woke he was snuggled against me.  Pretty hard to fault his care and attention.



Pampered Pet

There is no other title that appropriately fits these photos.  Rusty, who does have a delicate stomach, has me so twisted round his little dew claw that the following (though not a daily ritual) does happen on a fairly frequent basis.

Breakfast in bed occurs when he doesn’t leap out and follow me to the kitchen in the mornings while I make his breakfast.  If he stays laying in bed and I am not dashing out to an appointment I will bring his breakfast into the bedroom and lay a tablecloth (fuzzy blanket) over the end of the bed for him to eat off.

Then if he doesn’t leap up I acknowledge that he may need a tummy rub.


Happy kitty, breakfast in background.  I know if I have stopped the belly rub too soon because when I do … this is what happens.


If that LOOK doesn’t do it he chitters at me till I complete the appropriate amount of tummy relaxing rubbing.

I give up saying that I am “not controlled by my cats”.  I admit it.  I am.

(always willing though – the purrs make it worth it)

Regal Cat Café – Calgary

Wow what fun!  And what a great cause.

I’d heard (ok I’d been avidly following) the announcements about the opening of the kitty café in town but had been out of town working when it opened about a month ago.  In the time since they have had one full “batch” of kittens adopted through their café and are well on their way to the next group being permanently homed.  So EXCITING!

I had just finished a meeting and dropped by the bank… which walked me by this:


I popped in to discover that there was a space left for “walk-ins” on the next session so I paid my donation and went right in.

Glorious friendly and sleepy and playful kitties abounded.  They have adopted out all of the current residents but two (so come on Calgary get in there and get the last two gorgeous kitties) and everyone will be going home end of the month (for those not adopted they go back to the MEOW foundation still looking for their furrever homes.)

Here’s just a few of the cuties I got to sit near/play with/ pet.

Age: 5 months old
Sex: Female
Markings: Torbie with White
Go Home Date: July 31st
Meteorite has landed at MEOW. She is a happy healthy kitten who loves to romp and play with her siblings. She likes other cats and would make a super little addition to any family. Make a wish upon our shooting star, Meteorite.  AND HER WISH CAME TRUE – she’s been adopted 🙂

Age:1.5 years old
Sex: Male
Markings: Orange
Go Home Date: July 31st
Salsa has rhythm! This active and endearing fellow will dance right into your heart as soon as you meet him. He is interested in everything and everyone. Curiosity is his middle name. Put a little action in your home and adopt Salsa. – SOMEONE’S HOME WILL BE SPICY!  HE’S GOING TO A FUREVER HOME ON THE 31ST!!

What a neat place – what wonderful people running it and a great set of people that were visiting at the same time I did.  Check it out if you can:  http://www.regalcatcafe.com/?Length=4







Putting Kitty Time in the Planner

I’m home and doing unpacking (snoopervised of course) and trying to get some work done.

Rusty has tried sitting on my lap and DOES NOT approve of the shorts I am wearing (makes it even more difficult to fit on while purring and kneading).

He also gave my planner a thorough inspection – he believes there should be kitty time all through it!


I think he’d like to have an ink pad so he could stamp on each day and make his mark.

That might not be a bad idea – play time is important (as is cuddle time!)  I’ll pencil it in for him – as a life coach he is great – reminds me of work/relax balance.

Making Friends Abroad

Those of you that have been following me know that a few months ago I was in Bermuda and posted a few photos of the feral cats here.

I’m back again and now bribing the locals.  With kitty treats.

There are three feral “resident” kitties at the place I am staying.  They all have their “areas” of the property with a bit of overlap running into one another.  The order of supremacy is quite easy to see.

There is the alpha kitty with an air of entitlement.  He, a sleekly well fed grey tabby, occupies the prime area near the outdoor bar/pool/restaurant.  He is welcoming of pets when HE wants and walks away shortly after being petted.

The second in line is a sweetheart of loving personality and very eager to be petted when he isn’t completely sacked out sound asleep.  He, a svelte grey tabby, haunts the mid-area where the trail from the main entrance (and main dinning room) splits to go down the hill to the rooms along the waterfront.

And finally, a kitty I did not meet the last time I was here, a skittish and scrawny little black kitty that currently lurks under the bushes near the main building.

I am, of course, in love with them all…

All three have either an tattoo or a clipped ear indicating they have been part of the Bermuda program:  http://www.bfab.bm/

This is the friendly (and oh so very polite and patient when you have a bag of crinkly treats in your pocket) middle grey tabby.  AepCatGreyTabbyBERgtb20170710


Home Away From Home

Some dear friends of mine made room in their tiny apartment for one more.  The kitty of a next door neighbour needed looking after while her owner was undergoing and recovering from knee surgery.

Great preparations were made to make kitty feel at home.  Heating pad for aging arthritic bones (kitty is a senior), cleaning off the desks near windows for good sunbeam snagging and snoopervision of the street, appropriately placed chairs and kitty beds so that all things could be climbed to with stiff legs…

I was lucky to be there to experience the results of all their thought and preparation.  I think it was successful – don’t you?


Little Crickutt is snoozing away in total bliss!  Lucky little kitty.

The Hunting Team

Low light and FAST action… but too cool to not post.

Rusty was watching the “fishing lure” toy but his ears kept flicking to the rear.  Suddenly rounding the corner was PRINCESS in full hunt mode.  Rusty tried to get out of her way – she was totally focused.


They LOVE practicing their hunting skills!


There is an INTRUDER in the laundry room!!

“Good heaven’s human?!” Princess says “WHY did you let that monster into the house?!”


She was actually fine when the plumber came into the house… it was when he started auguring the laundry drain.  SCARY noises.

Her first thought was to go over and sniff the closed door and consider entering through the kitty door to investigate further.  But it was too loud and too frightening so she came back to sit near me and look questioning up in between nervously monitoring the door.

When he left both kitties had to examine the floor in the laundry room in great detail.

All is right with the world now though (wew – a close call! only reason disaster was averted is her vigilance!)


Welcomed Home With Love

Rusty has a wonderful way of welcoming me home.  He and Princess always come chirping and greeting with purrs on my entry, they always sleep with me close… but the following morning – working on the computer – this is Rusty’s special welcome


His continued attempts to be small enough to snuggle on my lap while I work.

He shall never give up, never surrender <G>

I’ve got your back…

Though he is not the central part of this photo it is Rusty that I am enraptured by – he is SO intent on what Princess is doing and what is going on with that “fishing fly”.


I think that if that fly gets away from Princess he will get it for sure.  He has her back on this hunt!

It is good when someone has your back.  I look forward to cuddling them both again very soon (I’m on the road, but know they are there for me the moment I come through the door.)