Nothing to Wait For…

Rusty is waiting patiently for the chance to dig into the box… but I guarantee Princes will have eaten the few treats that I tossed into the far end before he gets a chance.


But once Princess is finished… I will (not to worry) put new ones in there for Rusty <G>

I’ll have to wait till Princess leaves though otherwise she’ll get in there first again.

Rusty has an opinion on the show

I’ve carefully masked out the scene from the show we are watching together to ensure no copy write infringement <G>.  Right now there are beautiful lanterns rising into the sky and a wonderful song being sung…

Is Rusty laughing with the jokes, or bored to tears?


I’ll leave it to you to decide <G>

Hmmm… it just occurred to me that it could be me his expression is directed at and not the movie… laughing with me, at me, or hinting it is bedtime and time for lights out…

Truth vs. Imagination

I’m sitting in the Toronto Pearson airport waiting for my connection to wing my way home to my kitties.  I imagine them romping in the house, lounging in the sunshine, enjoying themselves thoroughly… but anticipating my arrival home with the same pleasure I have in the imagining.

AepCatPrincessRustyPensive2017I look at this photo and envision them waiting, patiently… and then I remember the truth about when this photo was taken.

They are waiting, but grudgingly.  And they are waiting for me to get up and get breakfast and treats!  And the next photos in the file I found this photo in indicate that the waiting turned into a grumble between the two of them which was only pacified by me getting up and making Rusty his breakfast.

(I’m going to work on exercising my patience and my imaginings rather than the truth <G>.)


Take that Flash and…

A few moments ago Princess looked up from her snooze… just as the camera flash went off.

This was her reaction.


I got the message as she snorted too and then got even more tucked under her front paw.

Poor kitty – I likely interrupted her 23hours minimum sleep requirement (I’m just feeling testy right now as I have to catch a red-eye flight).

Before I left the room we cuddled and made up.

Highly Motivated

Princess used to distain food.  Wasn’t interested in any of it – only ate as necessary to maintain her fighting trim beautiful self.

That is up to about a year ago.  Suddenly she developed a taste for treats.  She loves them so much that she will even allow unflattering photos to be taken while she is doing whatever it takes to acquire them.


I think she looks cute and her belly looks “pet-able” – I’m not sure she would appreciate the angle 😉

Sunny Snowy Spring

It is a spring day in Calgary – which means the sun is shining… but only a little while ago the snow was pouring down outside (which explains why spring cleaning hasn’t made it to that window yet!)

Princess has snagged THE best perch.  The window sill in the office on the sunny side of the house.

However… someone else has awoken to discover he is no longer in a warm spot and he has come hunting.

He is talking to her right now.  He’d like to get up on that window sill.  He thinks she should move.  I don’t think she believes that is something she will do.  What do you think – will she move, or stay?


The demands of the other’s in the house can be SO tiring…

Just as a point – the BEST perch in the house is on the balcony… but this is the picture of it about an hour earlier


(They didn’t want to go out on the balcony – I have NO IDEA why not 😉 )

I’ve been HAD!

Today I realized that my “Sweet Rusty” does to me what I have seen him do to Princess.

He cuddled me out of my office chair!

So don’t think he’s as innocent as he appears in this photo:


I was sitting on THIS chair a few minutes ago working on the computer.  Rusty jumped up behind me and leaned against me purring.

A few minutes later he sat down, taking up a bit more space and moving me towards the front of the chair.

Then a few minutes more and he “got bigger”.  I got up, moved this chair to the side and got another office chair.

When I did that he looked at me like “you are going?” big halo around his saintly head.

Moments after that he snuggled comfortably and without guilt on HIS chair.

(but I am not a slave to my cats)

Technology Upgrade Benefit

Rusty is happy to gaze at me, not the camera, and purr and chirp asking to be petted.

I recently upgraded my iPhone and the new case is silver – I’ve noted the kitties do not HATE this phone as much as the black one or the big black camera.  So there are good things that come with the “joys” of upgrades.

I will try to focus on those good things rather than the amount of time it took me to get the photos to upload onto the computer so I could get access… grrrr


Yes, the kitties basically ignoring this phone is a GOOD thing.  As is the warm spring sunbeam that Rusty is enjoying from his perch near the ceiling.  The perch that gives him full surveillance of the back yard.  Life is good.

Spring Sunshine

The spring sunshine pours in through the bedroom window in the early afternoon predictably bringing the kitties (who know to the second where it beams in) to worship the heat. 

Princess is looking as regal as her name suggests, the backlighting enhancing every whisker making them glow like molten silver. 

Her eyes, as always, fascinate me with their various hues and their changeability depending upon the light.


She is so happy in the sunshine that she isn’t even “ticked” with me for taking this photo.  Of course it could be because she looks so beautiful and she KNOWS it.

 In case you can not tell…she IS purring.

Asleep at the Keyboard?

It appears as if I have been as relaxed as my kitties. Here we see Rusty and Princess relaxed on the heating pad near the office.


They, like me, appear to be as unaware of the calendar, the clock, basically of the passage of time.

And so the week whisks by…

And nine days later I am posting this photo of them.  We are, obviously, all good 🙂  Hope everyone here is too.