More sleeping kitty

A friend of mine commented about a week ago that there were “quite a few” photos of my kitties sleeping.  I replied that it was what they did best (or at least most) and then looking back I noted there had been a string of sleeping photos in a row so I worked to make sure that I broke the trend (from a statistical standpoint it didn’t qualify as a trend… but I digress).

Last night in the hotel room I turned my head and felt that I had seen a kitty approaching the bed.  Ah how the mind and eye plays tricks on one.  Made me smile and made me look forward to having the little ones settling in to snooze next to me again just like this.


(Note – no one is actually sleeping… yet… <G>)



Welcome Home Memories

I am away from my kitties right now and, as always, missing them a bit.  I am looking forward to being greeted warmly when I get home.  That reminds me of the joy of a previous return.

I’d been away over a month in Jakarta but had brought back presents for everyone.  The favorite present for the kitties was…


The bag that the presents were in of course!

The bag said “Reduce, Re-use, Re-purpose, and when you have finished Re-cycle” the repurposed play toy got LOTS of use and the item went into the recycle bin already pre-shredded.

My big boy ZhaZee had tremendous fun with the bag as did little Princess.

YOU need a little bit of kitty!

While in Tanzania sitting chatting in my friend’s kitchen/dinning room having beverages of choice her outdoor male kitty dropped by for a visit (it was near dinner time… I’m sure that had very little to do with the visit.)

After showering me with the opportunity to adore him he noticed another visitor that obviously was feeling left out from the cuddles and cat appreciation and decided she should be included.


What I *love* about this photo is that even though we only see kitty’s back, we can see the interaction between them.  I think she is feeling blessed.  That’s good, she was.

Kitty was careful to include all at the table.


Habits and Expectations

Though I would love that all big cats were living in the wild – I do know that “the wild” isn’t there the way it used to be.  I appreciate good facilities that try to give the big cats a chance to live comfortably and us the chance to see their personalities.

This past weekend I went to the Miami zoo and was privileged to watch an encounter at the Jaguar enclosure that definitely reminded me of my little versions back home.

Some keepers walked by behind the scenes and the Jaguar LEPT to his feet and dashed over to the gate and started chattering to them.  They answered back “no, no, not yet we are just working”…

The Jaguar didn’t agree and began to pace and talk to them.  I could imagine him saying “now, right Nooooowwww”.

They continued to ignore him – but he kept his hopes high.

When they left, he hurled himself on the ground and made snarling grunting snorts for a while.  Just NOT fair.


Nothing like my little kitties at all.  (ok, a lot like… 🙂 )

Sunny Sunday

A personal sunny spot, just for Rusty…



BUT – did it *start* that way??? I wasn’t there to see it, but a few minutes prior to this I saw Princess heading downstairs from the bedroom.  I have seen him cuddle her out of the prime spot before.

Well he looks too comfy to blame, and I have no real proof.  So I’ll just enjoy how happy he looks <G>.

Best Friends Resting Up

Whether they are resting up FROM the last romping rough play or FOR the next race up and down the stairs… they do it together.


At least sometimes they do.  Other times they separate as too much time too close likely has its limits 😉  [but today it is a good thing.]

Under the Covers

On this Throw-Back-Thursday I am reminded of my dear ZhaZee’s LOVE of being tucked under the covers.


He liked to crawl in under the covers and then have them tucked about him either when I got up (and the sheets were still warm) or when making the bed (and the sheets were still warm).

Part of the ritual was the purring.  He didn’t want to be petted, just tucked in and talked to.  (And then left alone for a good nap.)