I checked; there is room…

Princess is quite sure there is room in this suitcase for a kitty.


But I know her well enough to know that she really does NOT want to leave the house.

Her ability to guilt me out is pretty high though…


Rituals are Comforting

My kitties love ritual.  They have rituals for when I awake, ones when they know the sunbeams in the house are in certain rooms, ones to roust me from work in the afternoon for a brief playtime… and then there is bedtime.  My bedtime, not theirs (which I think is nearly continuous <G>).

Near the end of the bedtime ritual is TV snuggle time.  Princess’s idea of snuggle time is to get up on the top tier of the climbing tree and look down on us benevolently.   Rusty’s idea is to arrange himself pushed against my stomach watching the TV and dozing.


When it is a nature show he will stay awake and I’ll pass out… most other shows it is the reverse.

The kitties take their duties and responsibilities of settling me into bed very seriously.  I’m pretty sure they usually depart soon after they have me all tucked in and dreaming.

(BTW the shirt I am wearing says “My cat walks all over me” but that isn’t true – neither of them actually like walking on me… pinning my legs in place come morning while I try to wake up is another mater.)

Relationships take Work

There are days when you really do have to remind yourself that it is WORTH the effort to stay deeply connected to your partner.  Days when your brain convinces you that the other one ALWAYS gets the best part of the sunbeam, the full heating pad, the best slice of pie…


Before you take action against the overwhelming injustice it is a good idea to pause.  Maybe, just maybe, it isn’t as balanced in THEIR favour as it feels right at that moment.

Princess glared at Rusty for quite a while…

(he’s the orange blotch in the lower left hand side of the photo)

And then she laid down and whilst lounging  up against the backrest groomed and purred and went to sleep.  Once again there is so much I can learn from my kitties.

Think Before You Leap

Rusty is pretty cautious.  He not only Looks before he leaps… he pauses and thinks and thinks and thinks.


What he is calculating is whether or not that blasted office chair, which is sitting on a smooth plastic rug protecting pad, will move out from under him if he jumps from this angle.

He pauses quite a while thinking this through.  He changes his mind and jumps down to the ground and then up onto the chair – much less risk.

Smart kitty!  If only I would think my actions through like that all the time.

No New Year’s Resolutions for Rusty

About a week after New Year’s Day is when The Resolutions start to fade and the hoped for routine that is going to change our life for the better crashes;  but that isn’t going to be a problem for Rusty’s health plans.  For example he saw no reason to worry about stress reduction as he has that taken care of.

Rusty has a well established routine of nap-chasing the sun and the only change in that routine is the gentle daily shift of the axis of the planet and the exact timing of his sunbeam being in favorite places.


He’s got another half hour in this location before he has to move in a major way.  I’m trying to follow his example of healthy breaks and yoga stretches.  😉