Deep Thinking – Life IS Change

I started this blog 313 days ago for personal reasons;  51 posts short of a full year later I think about what has occurred:

  • I’ve paid WAY more attention to my kitties and that has made their life and mine richer
  • I’ve reconnected with some family and friends and had the opportunity to let them enjoy my kitties and have a few happy smiles
  • I’ve made some really nice new friends
  • I’ve learned about WordPress and blogging

Those are some of the pros of this blog, but there always are some cons… so I asked Rusty to help me ponder how and if this should continue unchanged every day;


He gave this some VERY serious thought (as you should be able to tell above).

  • The amount of time and energy it takes to post with comment every day trying to keep new and original is… well, quite high
  • Posting EVERY day may actually be decreasing the quality of the posts

So – we (the kitties and I) concluded to move forward in a different way.  This isn’t a new year’s resolution nor is this a “break for the holidays”:  elainesdailykitty will live every day with her kitties… and will post no less than once a week.

To anyone that has been enjoying and still wants a daily kitty – I’m sorry – but (as Remy the Chef in Disney’s Ratatouille says) life IS change.  I believe this change is a good one for me and mine.  Hugs and Purrs from my blog to all.


The box that keeps giving…

There were so many good things in this Christmas Kitty Box that it keeps getting attention.


Some things just have staying power!  (till something else new comes along that is <G>)



Pay Attention To ME

Princess had sat down on my mouse and I had kept working.  She had to “step up” (groan) her game…



She firmly placed one paw on my forearm as she talked to me looking directly at my face.  “You WILL stop and pay attention to me no matter how busy this season has made you!”

Yes Ma’am!  (play ensued)

Boxing Day

A dear friend every year goes out of her way to give me a box filled with joy for the kitties.

This year she carefully selected a box that came from a house with dogs in it.  Then she packed meat in it for a while.  Then she filled it with various little kitty treats and toys.

I kept the box in the back of my vehicle till the house was quiet and we had time to enjoy the process of inspection and play.

There was intense smelling of the outside before the box was opened – but it was all so energetic I never got a decent photo…


When there are SO MANY great smell gifts/messages you don’t want to rush to the contents.  Happy day!

Christmas Kitty Joy!!

I know it isn’t a throwbackthursday… but my brother was going through old photo albums and digitizing them and he sent me this photo of me on a Christmas morning (many) years ago.  As soon as I saw the photo I remembered vividly what was inside the wrapping.


MY KITTY! He was a bluish-grey and white ordinary kitty and was made of hard plastic (not cuddly at all.)  He stood solidly on his four straight legs with an erect tail totally stiff except that his neck joint meant you could swivel his head (all the way around like an owl).  I loved that kitty SO MUCH!  I drug that kitty (usually by his tail) outside through the mud – into the bushes – down to the beach – absolutely everywhere.  Maybe part of what was so cool about that kitty was that I *could* do that with him and he would wash up and could come sit on my bed at night with me.


They posed me with all my loot the doll in my lap… but notice my gaze is over to “Kitty”.

Here’s to wishing you as much joy on this day as I recall from these photos.  Merry Christmas.

CAN NOT Wait!!!

It is the time of year when one’s patience can just be on its last little strand.


Princess couldn’t wait for me to take the toys off the cardboard and didn’t even care about how she looked in this photo.  It was time to PLAY!!!

A Christmas Tail…

While I was in Iceland earlier this year one of the local residents told me several of their Yule traditions.  There was a lovely one about what happened on Christmas Eve – everyone gets books and spends the next few days reading them (that one lit up her eyes with remembered pleasures and made me think wistfully of curling up with my kittens and reading.) aepcatrustycurledupreading2016

And then there is the Jólakötturinn (The Yule Cat)…  A pretty nasty enforcer of the giving and receiving of new clothing for Christmas.  I chuckled at how well that would work to make sure that anyone’s reaction to clothing as a gift was a good one.  If you are interested in that tale it is here:

ZhaZee Didn’t Mind Snow

Well, that’s not quite true – he didn’t *like* snow, but when the temperature rose with a Chinook and the cold was bearable on his toes he would have preferred snow than staying inside.


On this ThrowBackThursday I go back to February 2011 when my handsome fellow cried and cried at the door till I said the magic words “walk?” and then we agreed to go out without harness just into the back yard for a bit.

He stayed until his paws couldn’t take it any more then reluctantly asked to come back in.  He was so much fun to take out for wanders as he loved the outing more than he hated the snow.